Alternate trailer of 'The Fantastic Four' leaks online

Los Angeles - An alternate trailer for the upcoming Miles Teller starrer 'The Fantastic Four' has leaked online via Instagram.

The trailer is attached to 'Kingsman: The Secret Service',

which is currently playing in theatres, reported Aceshowbiz.

It offers a brief addition of what appears to be Johnny aka Human Torch and Sue Storm aka Sue Storm flying through the sky in blue and red flash.

'The Fantastic Four' reboot is set to arrive in the US on August 7.

Teller plays Reed Richards or Mr Fantastic, Michael B Jordan is Johnny, Kate Mara plays Sue, Jamie Bell plays Ben Grimm or The Thing and Toby Kebbell joins the cast as the villainous Doctor Doom. The movie is directed by Josh Trank with a script by Simon Kinberg. PTI