Alembic Looks Good at the Moment

Alembic Ltd.In afternoon trading, Alembic is quoting at Rs 73.90, up Rs 4.70, or 6.79%. It touched an intraday high of Rs 73.90 and an intraday low of Rs 69.10 during the day.

The trading volume of the scrip stood at 42,722 shares. Yesterday the share ended 5.33% down at Rs 69.20.

The Group's main activity is to produce bulk drugs and pharmaceutical formulations in human and animal healthcare. It produces and sells antibiotic drugs and bactericides, cough and cold remedies, painkiller and anti-inflammatory medicinal drugs, nutraceuticals and anti-diabetics.

The different products of the group comprise Glycodin, Roxid, Azithral, Wikoryl, Megaclav, Nimegesic, Magadol, Rekool, Tetan, Lipireg, Lormeg, Cepime, Zeet etc.