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NSW implements stricter regulations for pubs & clubs that operate gaming machines

New Zealand News - Sun, 07/14/2024 - 02:17
NSW implements stricter regulations for pubs & clubs that operate gaming machines

As part of its ongoing efforts to foster a safer gaming environment, New South Wales (NSW) has announced the implementation of new stricter regulations on pubs and clubs that operate gaming machines. Effective from the 1st of July this year, the new regulations are designed to curtail gambling-related harm and provide strong support to at-risk individuals. The presence of Responsible Gambling Officers and implementing firmer controls on ATM placements and signage has been made mandatory to ensure responsible gambling practices across the state.

According to new regulations, pubs and clubs having more than 20 gaming machines will have to deploy a dedicated Responsible Gambling Officer (RGO) during the operations of the machines. This officer will be responsible for identifying and supporting gambling enthusiasts in case they start exhibiting concerning gambling behaviors. In addition, these officers will handle patrons’ requests for self-exclusion from betting or gambling activities.

The new regulations also mandate it that venues will be responsible for appropriately selecting and training staff to take on the new crucial roles, such as RGOs. Of course, the number of such officers required inside a venue will depend on the number of available gaming machines. Thus, larger venues with more machines will have to deploy more RGOs.

Furthermore, licensed gaming facilities will no longer be permitted to display any sort of signage or advertising boards for gaming machines on or with view of ATMs or EFTPOS terminals.

Emphasizing the importance of the new regulations, Gaming & Racing Minister David Harris said that these reforms would go a long way in decreasing gambling harm.

In a recent press release, Harris said, “We know that gaming machines represent the most serious risk of gambling harm, impacting individuals and their loved ones. Having cash dispensing facilities further away from gaming machines encourages a clean break in play for patrons who may be losing track of what they are spending.”

New gambling regulations announced by the NSW government marks a significant stride towards minimizing gambling harm and promoting responsible gambling. The implementation of Responsible Gambling Officers and strategic placements of ATMs, the new measures aim to protect at-risk individuals, while ensuring a safer environment for one and all. With the implementation of the stricter measures, NSW has set a proactive precedent in the ongoing effort to mitigate gambling-related risks.

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