Agartala blast a handiwork of Tripura Tiger Force

Agartala, TripuraAgartala, Oct 25 : The serial bomb blasts in Agartala few weeks ago came as a severe jolt to the people of the state, who were basking in the atmosphere of peace for some time. Who is behind the attack? This is the often-repeated question in every body’s mind. Another question that dominates is that of the blasts being a sign of urban terrorism.

The popular perception and initial reports indicate the hands of the Bangladesh based fundamentalist organizations. But sizeable groups of people say that the All Tripura Tiger Force (ATTF) is now shifting its base to the urban areas after getting marginalized from the tribal belt.

"ATTF has lost their base in villages and now they are trying to divide the Bengalis and tribals in the city. They want to start a communal riot and the bomb blast was necessary to make their presence felt in Tripura,” said Samir Ghosh, a resident of Tripura.

Several arrests have been made in Tripura''s capital in the recent past after the serial blast. Most of the arrested persons belong to the Harkat-ul-Jihad-al-Islami (HuJI), which is a Bangladesh based fundamentalist organization. It is a well-established fact that the militant groups active in Tripura have close links with anti-India forces active in Bangladesh.

Analysts say that fundamentalist and terrorists groups are using the local militant groups like ATTF to target the urban areas, which are in the process of economic transformation.

“There is intelligence information suggesting that anti-India forces are motivating ATTF to resort to urban guerilla warfare if they want to make their presence felt in Tripura and the Agartala bomb blast is the first indication of such warfare,” said Manas Paul, Security Expert, Tripura.

"So far, investigations reveal that ATTF is responsible for planting and triggering bomb blasts in Agartala. From the examination of surrendered militants, it has been revealed that United Liberation Front of Assam (ULFA) is motivating and training the ATTF,” said Pranay Sahaya, Director-General of Police (DGP), Tripura.

Restoration of peace in Tripura in the last few years had given a new lease of economic life to the state. The state is in the process of economic transformation. The opening of the rail links, establishment of several infrastructural projects is the visible signs of progress. The people, whom it once claimed to represent, have rejected the ATTF. Analysts say that in desperation they are resorting to violence. And there are anti-national forces that want to create hurdles in the path of development by keeping people terrorized and shooing away potential investors. (ANI)