Adobe’s Rigel to Substitute Photoshop Touch

Users bid adieu to the popular software, Photoshop Touch, as Adobe announced the discontinuation of its app next week. Image editing on a mobile device now stands in a fix. The PS Touch has been one of the earliest Adobe apps in the mobile world.

Adobe’s Photoshop Touch app will be pulled from Google Play, I Tunes and the App Store on May 28, and the company will offer no support as for now. So, the existing users can continue using the app, but should not expect any updates.

Contemplating the subsequent move to the cloud, lately Adobe has been keenly pursuing the mobile software, and is credited of having developed a wide array of mobile apps.

Codenamed Project Rigel, Adobe confirmed working on the successor of Photoshop Touch, to bring in varied editing options and to enable the user to retouch any resolution photos, right on their tablets.

Recently, Adobe released a demonstration video, hinting at the ‘would-be’ software. This demo footage shows a 50-megapixel image being edited on an iPad with tools like object removal, colour swapping, and liquify.

The final version of the app is not expected to arrive until late in 2015. The app will be free to download, but would require a subscription of Creative Cloud in order to sync with other Adobe services.

However, previously Adobe has rolled out a couple of apps that hardly managed to make presence among the users. For instance, Shape CC for transforming captured photos into something that defies imagination, or Brush CC for creating custom Photoshop brushes from photographed content, or Color CC for extracting color themes using a camera, have been meagerly known.

Nonetheless, the Adobe technology has created apps that have made image retouching, a cakewalk. The Photoshop Mix, for example, uses Lightroom's engine for adjusting, enhancing and merging images, while the Photoshop Sketch helps you draw with your finger or stylus.