60% Of British Kids See Disturbing Images On Net – A Survey

60% Of British Kids See Disturbing Images On Net – A SurveyAccording to a new survey, 60% of British kids have seen disturbing images on the internet, which has actually raised concerns over the exposure of kids to the unsuitable material on net.

Keeping this thing in mind; the National Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children (NSPCC) advices that new computers should be equipped with carry high-security “blocking” software; which could stop them from surfing through aggressive or vulgar material available over the vast world of Internet.

This advice comes from NSPCC following a child’s comment, which he posted on the message board of the NSPCC’s website there4me.com, which said, “I’ve seen violent images I didn’t search for. I was freaked out.”  

One more incident was where an eight year old girl typed in “picture of animals” and instead got advertisements related to pornography.

According to Policy adviser Zoe Hilton, “We are alarmed by how easy it is for children to access disturbing internet material.”

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