5 Equipment and Appliances That Run on UPS Battery

5 Equipment and Appliances That Run on UPS Battery

Residential locations such as condos, apartment buildings, and single-family units depend on electricity to power their crucial systems, appliances, and devices. Therefore, they need an uninterruptible power supply (UPS) battery for backup power. Today’s smart homes require ‘always on’ power so you can manage functions like lighting control, thermostats, and others from any place with just your mobile phone. In addition, modern homes need continuous power for their security systems and tasks like opening and closing garage doors and blinds.

A backup power application like a UPS battery can thus ensure your network equipment, pumps, major appliances, and entertainment systems can function without interruption. This device is an efficient and effective power protection solution that can provide comfort and peace of mind to homeowners.

Get Help from an Electrician

A qualified electrician can help you learn how a UPS battery can supply dependable power and safeguard your assets when there is a power outage. You can evaluate the devices you use every day and select the most important ones among them for backup protection. In this way, a UPS battery can boost comfort, security, and safety.

Now, let’s look at the potential applications that may require backup power from a UPS battery.

• Security and Home Electronics Systems

Your home’s security solutions, like video surveillance cameras, need to be functional 24/7. If you’re not at home when there is a power outage, you can get peace of mind knowing that your security systems will still be working.

Most homes have a TV and audio system, and some even have a home theatre. Besides,most houses use a router for web connection and multiple tablets and smartphones that need to be charged regularly. People need to utilize these gadgets for daily communication and work.Therefore, these devices need UPS backup power protection to prevent the unwanted consequences of an electricity outage.

• Garage Doors and Window Blinds

Many types of motorized garage doors cannot be operated manually. So, they need a UPS battery to open and close them without difficulty even when their no power.

Many homes have mechanized window blinds that can be operated by pushing a button. Many houses also use shutters to cover their doors and windows and protect the residence from storm damage and bolster security. During storms, power can go out, which makes it essential to have a UPS battery to close the shutters and safeguard your family members and property. This power backup device can also open the shutters after the storm blows over even if electricity is not restored.

• Medical Equipment

Critical home medical appliances and equipment like medical beds, tube feeding gadgets, and respirators need 24/7 power. Thus, a UPS battery is mandatory for them as well as for pet-related objects like aquariums.

• Pumps

Many residences use pump applications, and they also need power backup. Many houses with wet basements use sump pumps to remove water and maintain dryness. If there is a lot of water muddling after a storm, the basement can become very soggy and need plenty of cleaning up work.

Properties that have a swimming pool installed require pumps for circulating and cleaning water. Homes with wells need electric pumps as well as electric water filtration or softener system. These appliances thus require power protection as a 24/7 clean water supply is essential for every home.

• Common Appliances

A UPS battery can safeguard commonly used appliances like dishwashers, washing machines, freezers, and refrigerators in many ways. First, they can deliver backup power to manage outages. Second, they can safeguard the equipment from power jitters and surges that often occur in power lines within houses. A UPS battery can filter out these vagaries and supply consistent power that can extend the appliances’ lifespan.


Power outages can threaten the security and safety of homes. Therefore, hire a qualified electrician to get information and to install a UPS battery or other backup protection device in your house so you can remain secure and comfortable even during electricity outages.

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