The 3D glasses used in theatres are pathetic: Study

The 3D glasses used in theatres are pathetic: StudyAccording to the recent studies conducted by the online research firm Good Housekeeping, on 3D glasses showed that they are cheap products that are not considered suitable used for the eyes.

The research firm further stated that the glasses utilized are not apt and may cause a lot bad than doing any good as it has harmful effects invaded by germs spoilage.

With a small sample size of albeit the results displayed were completely dismaying.

The Research Institute tested seven pairs of movie theatre 3D glasses, segregated in two lots one wrapped in plastic and the other unwrapped and left. It was found that a number of germs, including those causing conjunctivitis, skin infections, food poisoning, sepsis and pneumonia were developed.

However it was also stated that whilst doing the research a fellow member was even contaminated with Staphylococcus aureus, the most common cause of staph infections.

In addition to the 3D glassless these germs were found to be an essential part of theatre seats or door knobs and this probably shouldn't pose a high risk. But it gives pangs of fear to one and all who believe that modern theatres are health oriented.