3 Ways in Which Attendance Software Can Benefit Your Company

3 Ways in Which Attendance Software Can Benefit Your Company

The backbone of any successful business is its employees, and how efficiently they work. The efficiency is mostly dependent on individual performance, punctuality, and aptness. But, when you have several or huge numbers of employees, you’ll need to find ways to monitor their time and attendance properly and accurately.

If you're counting the hours that your employees have worked for at your company or documenting the number of sick leaves taken, it will involve a lot of paperwork. Besides, handling these records becomes crucial to assess compensation and overall adherence to company norms.Considering the vast amount of data that needs to get processes, instead of monitoring employee activity manually using printed timesheets or spreadsheets, you can digitize the process and explore options of attendance software.

Helping you effectively save on both time and money, attendance software may also improve employee performance.

A smart attendance software seamlessly records the time and attendance reports of your employee electronically, making it easier to identify problems. This way, your employees may show more adherence and accountability when it comes to taking their attendance or leaves at work.The attendance software aims to keep records for maximizing both productivity and overall profitability of an organization.

Here are some key ways an attendance software can benefit your company:

1. Eliminate Human Error

When the burden of duty lies with humans, the scopefor error increases. It can lead to lost time and increased inconsistencies. The data is available in black and white when the attendance software is automated, resulting in fewer conflicts. With this system, there is no risk of management error.

When attendance data is recorded manually, it is prone to errors and miscalculation. However, automated attendance software eliminates human error and reduces the risk of inaccurate payroll. This kind of software also permits custom-built reports, making it simpler for the HR staff to analyze attendance.

2. Boost Security

There is advanced attendance software that improves the security of your workplace. With touchless devices like KENTCamAttendance that use AI-based face recognition technology, you can prevent the spread of the virus during the Covid19 situation.

Additionally, it has an inbuilt algorithm for mask detection that can be enabled and disabled by the organization as per requirement. This feature will not allow employee’s attendance to be marked if he is not wearing a mask to office. Besides, this attendance software has a real person detection to differentiate between an actual person and a printed photo so that only your employee can clock in. It eliminates problems like buddy punching while tracing employee entry and exits from various facilities.

3. Boost Employee Productivity

A continuous challenge for companies is to find different ways to increase employee productivity. Keeping track of employee work hours, preparing schedules, authorizing adjustments, editing, and approving hours per pay period takes a considerable amount of time. An easy and yet effective way for the administration to handle such tedious and critical tasks is to integrate their employee management processes with reliable attendance software. Along with that, some devices offer user-friendly mobile apps to support remote attendances. Such a cloud-based software lets face recognition through the Mobile App record attendance. Employees can scan their face on the phone to record attendance as they reach the office premises. It boosts employee productivity as they can efficiently use their time.

Ensure Seamless & Efficient Attendance Management

If you are considering a smart time and attendance software, there’s no better time than today. A touchless device like KENTCamAttendance is perfect for your organization.Not only does such attendance systems offer faster operations speed that takes less than a split second to record and process data, but also ensures up to 99.9 percent accurate results.

With a completely cloud-based framework that can be integrated with the existing HRMS of your organization, this attendance system is also highly scalable a search device can be configured for up to 10,000 employees.

What’s more? The system's stored data is encrypted through leading industry-standard data encryption, making it highly secure against any data breach. Hence, your employee data is safe, fully protected in the cloud app, and can be easily accessed through an active web portal. So, book your KENTCamAttendance right away and get it delivered to your doorsteps!

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