1 killed and 8 injured in communal clashes in Vadodra

1 killed and 8 injured in communal clashes in VadodraVadodara, Sept 15 : At least one person was killed and eight others injured in Vadodara when one group started pelting stones on the other on Monday.

Prohibitory orders banning assembly of more than five people were clamped by police in the city after the communal tussle between two groups.

The festive aura of the immersion of lord Ganesh at the end of the ten-day festival turned sour when people of reportedly belonging to Muslim community allegedly tried to create hindrance in the immersion procession by pelting stones.

This led to a clash between the two communities and police had to resort to force to control the situation. Firing of tear gas proved ineffective in quelling the stone pelting mob.

The mob turned violent, which set several shops, vehicles and a local temple on fire.

The police resorted to firing to control the mob resulting in the death of one person and injuries to several others.

The injured were rushed to hospital.

Some of the eyewitnesses alleged that the police fired at people not involved in stone pelting.

“He didn''t go out to pelt stones but yet the police fired on him. This is very wrong. This is not good, this is killing of humanity,” said Rahmat Khan, an eyewitness.

Gujarat has been a communally sensitive area. Earlier in 2002 Gujarat was rocked by communal violence when 59 people were burnt to death in a train compartment leading to communal riots in the State. (ANI)