"Yellow Submarine" designer dead at 75

"Yellow Submarine" designer dead at 75Stuttgart  - Graphic designer Heinz Edelman, who developed the psychedelic look of the Beatles' animated 1960s film Yellow Submarine, died on Tuesday, aged 75.

The Stuttgart State Academy of Art and Design, where Edelman taught illustration from 1986 to 1996, confirmed the report of his death by German daily Stuutgarter Nachrichten.

Under Edelman's creative directorship, Yellow Submarine presented a kaleidoscopic landscape of bright colours and surreal images, at odds with Hollywood animation films of the time. Its release in 1968 came at the height of psychedelic pop culture.

The graphic designer was born in 1934 in the former Czechoslovakia. More recently, he created Curro, the bird-like mascot for the 1992 Seville World Fair.(dpa)