Wenger says Fergie not responsible for Man U's troubles

Arsene-WengerLondon, Jan 12 : Arsenal manager Arsene Wenger has dismissed speculation that former manager Sir Alex Ferguson's refusal to leave the club alone is responsible for the Old Trafford side's current troubles.

United's management team are said to feel uneasy and overshadowed by the continual presence of the gloriously successful Scot, who attends most games and still casts a giant shadow over Old Trafford.

According to the Daily Star, however, new manager David Moyes has dismissed those claims, which have been substantiated by United's wildly erratic performances, and Wenger agreed with Moyes, saying that it is what players do on the pitch win the games, not whoever is in the stands.

Rejecting suggestions he is on the verge of retirement himself, Wenger also said that the cameras are on Ferguson as he was an iconic manager who ruled the club for 27 years. (ANI)