Video shows effects of laser hair removal in slow motion

In case you are one of those who crave for a fuzz-free upper lip or want a hair-free flawless bikini line, laser hair removal is an option for you. However, before going for such a treatment, one must be aware of exactly how the procedure works.

On Wednesday, the YouTube science channel Veritasium released a video that displays the effects of laser hair removal in slow motion.

The laser treatment is quite successful in removing hair because it targets a molecule in the hair known as melanin. During the treatment, the melanin consumes energy from short pulses of laser light, burning the hair to a crisp.

While describing the procedure, the host of the video, Derek Muller, called it ‘a shootout’ at the O.K. Corral. He exclaimed in the footage that all the hairs get kind of slaughtered, and it’s amazing.

Muller said that the aim is not hair destruction, instead the treatment targets destroying the cells located in the hair follicle that make the hair in the first place.

Muller added, “So it’s kind of like using the hair to kill the hair. If you cause enough damage to the cells in the follicle that make the hair, the hair will never grow back, and that is the goal of laser hair removal”.

There are lots of people who have undergone laser hair removal process, but they wouldn’t have seen the procedure in this incredible way.

The video features the 33-year-old Muller himself acting as a guinea pig for the process, and getting a patch of dark hair cleared from his shoulder by a professional Santa Monica beautician.

It further shows Muller and his friends in the Laser Away spa, where the protagonist wears a pair of protective sunglasses and encounters a hair removal laser.