USFDA Approves Fondaparinux Sodium Injections

USFDA Approves Fondaparinux Sodium InjectionsDr Reddy's Laboratories and Brisbane-based Alchemia Ltd publicized that the US Food and Drug Administration (USFDA) has finally sanctioned the launch of their Fondaparinux Sodium injection.

These injections are a bioequivalent standard version of Arixtra and on July 11, they will be entering the US market as the company-supply was 3 %higher.

IMS National Sales Perspectives claim that the US sales of the Arixtra product were almost $340 million. Pete Smith, the CEO of Alchemia, quoted that all the experts made an accomplished partnership because without their commitment and successful communication, it was not possible to achieve such a major milestone.

Dr Reddy's Vice-Chairman and CEO, GV Prasad, adds, “The Fondaparinux approval demonstrates the strong technical capabilities of the teams at Dr Reddy's and Alchemia and this is a compound generic molecule, which is not easy to produce at a large scale but the rivalry is likely incompletes for the predictable expectations and they will be executing to start a new phase that initially will play to our strengths in selecting the wholesale, retail outlets and consequently improving the share in the coming quarters, which finally will supplement the growing allowance profits which will be amplifed in our North America generics business”.