Uber Driver with cancer drives for family

A grandfather from Michigan has been battling with cancer for two years. Ten days ago, he came to know that he has somewhere between just two to 10 weeks to live.

Doctors have recommended Kenneth Broskey to get into hospice care but the 69-year-old has decided to continue working full-time as an Uber driver and real estate agent in the Detroit area.

Broskey told ABC News that he's been trying to raise as much money as possible so that his daughter, 46, and his two grandchildren, aged 13 and 9, have somewhere to live, after his death.

Broskey said, "Once I pass away, chances are my daughter, who's a part-time waitress at a small restaurant in Livonia, will lose the house we live in because she won't be able to afford it anymore".

With the help of a fateful Uber ride three weeks ago, Broskey has now reached over $22,000 closer to paying off his family's $95,000 mortgage.

During the ride, Broskey met Ronald Gainer, a 22-year-old student at Washtenaw Community College. The guy needed a ride to downtown Ann Arbor to meet up with some friends.

On the ride, Gainer started chatting with Broskey and the casual conversation went a little deeper, as soon as he found out that his Uber driver had terminal cancer, stage four oropharyngeal cancer with lung metastases, particularly.

Both of them exchanged numbers. Then, Gainer said that he turned to the owner of a popular eclectic barber shop in Detroit to get ideas on how he could help Broskey.

Sebastian Jackson, owner of 'The Social Club' barber shop, said that he got Broskey introduced with a communication expert in the area named Karen Dumas. The three of them worked together and started a GoFundMe account for Broskey on last Monday.

Uber's Midwest representative Brooke Anderson told ABC News that over $22,000 has been raised within three days. Of this, $5,000 has been donated by the company.