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WhatsApp CEO says won't compromise user privacy for Facebook

Jan-KoumWashington, March 18 : Following Facebook's Whatsapp acquisition, the messaging app company's CEO Jan Koum has reassured Whatsapp users that their privacy will not be compromised for the social network giant.

Koum wrote in his blog post that his hit messaging application will not bend to its soon-to-be overlords at Facebook.

According to Cnet, after the news of Facebook acquiring WhatsApp for 19 billion dollars broke out, Koum promised the app's 465 million monthly active users that nothing would change.

Facebook COO Sandberg eyed for top job at Disney

Sheryl SandbergNew York, Mar 13 :  Facebook COO Sheryl Sandberg is reportedly said to join Disney in the role of a chief executive.

With two years to go before CEO Bob Iger's predetermined exit, Sandberg's name popping in the list of potential successors is surprising.

According to the New York Post, billionaire Sandberg already sits on the Disney board since 2010 and is said to have had conversations about her interest.

One person campaigning for Sandberg said that she has great leadership skills and Disney should pick someone who understands advertising, content and has experience of the digital future.

Twitter shells out $36 million to evade IBM patent suit

Twitter shells out $36 million to evade IBM patent suitWashington, March 9 : Twitter has reportedly paid IBM 36 million dollars to avoid patent suit from the latter, according to documents filed with the Securities Exchange Commission.

The social network giant has paid the amount for 900 patents after IBM threatened to sue Twitter over at least three patents in November.

The price only became public Thursday, when the SEC published Twitter's Form 10-K, an annual disclosure of a company's financial performance, Wired reported.

Twitter resets users' passwords 'by mistake'

password resetLondon, Mar. 05 - Microblogging site Twitter reportedly sent emails to thousands of its users, prompting them to change their passwords, but later clarified that the emails were sent accidentally.

The password-reset emails were sent to users, sparking rumours if the service had been hacked.

The emails came with a warning saying that user accounts might have been compromised by a website or service not associated with Twitter and that the site has reset the passwords to prevent access to the accounts, the BBC reports.

Zuckerberg says no plans for Snapchat purchase, 'done for a while' after WhatsApp deal

Mark ZuckerbergWashington, Feb 25  : Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg has reportedly said that he has no plans for bidding again for Snapchat's acquisition after the recent multi-billion WhatsApp deal.

During a keynote event at the ongoing Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, Spain, Zuckerberg initially ignored the question about bidding on Snapchat again, but when pressed further, he said simply said 'no'.

According to Mashable, he said, "after buying a company for 16 billion dollars (additional 3 billion dollars in RSUs), you're probably done for awhile."

Facebook boosts mobile presence with WhatsApp acquisition

Facebook boosts mobile presence with WhatsApp acquisitionSocial networking giant, Facebook has said that it has significantly boosted its presence in the mobile market with the acquisition of WhatsApp messaging service. Facebook has said that it is planning to acquire leading social messaging app, WhatsApp in a deal valued at $19 billion.

Does Facebook-WhatsApp deal mean death of SMS?

Facebook-WhatsAppWashington, Feb 21 : Facebook announced its WhatsApp acquisition plans for an eye popping 19 billion dollars and the market went dizzy with the initial sticker stock, however, the biggest question still remains whether mobile messaging eventually bring death to the traditional SMS text messaging.

Although, for Facebook, the deal means more user base, more penetration in emerging markets , but until the deal goes through, SMS stands no chance of vanishing so soon.

According to PC World, texting is simply too ubiquitous, and essentially totally free in modern carrier plans.

Facebook autoplay video ad launch imminent

FacebookWashington, Feb 21 : Facebook has been reportedly testing an auto play video ad unit, which is now in its final stages and will be released soon.

David Lawenda, head of global marketing solutions at Facebook said that he will be meeting with the movie studios this week to help them see what is possible, adding that they should look at us like every other media platform that they're doing business with.

According to PC World, while the company's march to a mobile-first mindset and delivery has been persistent and widely recognized, Facebook is rising to the video occasion with a more deliberate rollout.

23-year-old says cracking SnapChat's new anti-hacker ploy 'no brainer'

Steven-HicksonWellington, Feb. 15 : A 23-year-old PHD student has reportedly said that it took him only half and hour to crack SnapChat's latest security measures.

Steven Hickson , who is studying Computer Science at Georgia Tech, and has briefly worked at the NSA in Maryland, said that it was a 'no brainer' to crack the photo-sharing service's icon identifying puzzle.

According to stuff. co. nz, SnapChat had implement the latest security feature after it admitted that white-hat hackers had breached its user database that exposed millions of usernames and phone numbers exposed to criminals.

Facebook's 'Look Back' videos shared nearly 100mn times

facebook look backWashington, Feb 13 : Facebook's return gift on its 10th birthday, personalized 'Look Back' videos, have been reportedly shared by the users for almost 100 million times.

Facebook COO Sheryl Sandberg said that the gift had been received well as nearly 200 million users watched their video, adding that it was amazing as it showed the power of the Facebook brand.

According to Mashable, the Look Back videos have been rolled out in honour of the social networking giant turning a decade old and users had the option of downloading their own video, which highlighted the top moments from their profile over the last 10 years.

Mobile more important to Twitter than Facebook

twitter vs facebookWashington, Feb 12 : Usage of social networking sites like Twitter and Facebook reportedly depends on mobile experience , with smartphones working more in favour of the microblogging site than the latter.

Nielsen's new US Digital Consumer Report revealed that 85percent of Twitter usage occurs on mobile devices, compared to 57 percent of Facebook usage.

According to Mashable, the data shows that it is even more important for Twitter to deliver a compelling mobile experience.

Twitter redesigning webpage to give Facebook-like look

Twitter redesigning webpage to give Facebook-like lookWashington, Feb. 12 : Twitter is reportedly working on a major redesign of its web page that is said to make the social network site look like Facebook.

The all new profile page of Twitter has the avatar photo and biography placed well to the left side of the page, giving a lot of space to the header photo.

However, Twitter's magazine-style web layout will only affect the desktop version of Twitter, making the tweets larger,

Flickr turns 10, reports one million photo shares per day

Flickr turns 10, reports one million photo shares per dayWashington, Feb 11 : Social photo sharing site Flickr is reported to have completed ten years since it was originally created by Ludicorp in 2014.

With around 1 million photos shared each day, Flickr currently boasts of a record 92 million users across 63 countries, who have actively contributed to almost 2 million groups on the site.

Flickr saw an increase of up to 170 percent in the number of photos uploaded on the site after it started providing 1TB of free storage space to users in May 2013, Tech Crunch reported.

Facebook CEO Zuckerberg reduces stake in company to below 20%

Mark ZuckerbergWashington, Feb 08  : Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg's stake in his company has been reportedly reduced to just under 20 percent, a company filing has revealed.

Zuckerberg now owns 478.9 million shares of Facebook, or 19.6 percent of all shares, compared to last year's 30 percent share.

According to Mashable, Zuckerberg had sold a chunk of his shares in December last year, amounting to 2.3 billion dollars, largely to pay his tax bills for options that he exercised.

LinkedIn set to acquire job-seeking site Bright in $120M deal

LinkedIn set to acquire job-seeking site Bright in $120M dealWashington, Feb 7 : Professional social network LinkedIn is buying Bright, a three-year-old service that connects job seekers with employers, for approximately 120 million dollars in cash and stock.

Bright is said to be adept at using data to make its job matches, and LinkedIn plans to use the company's matching technology to improve its own recommendations, Cnet reports.

Facebook draws flak for banning post-mastectomy picture of female model

FacebookLondon, Feb 07 : Facebook has reportedly come under fire after it banned a post-mastectomy nude photograph of a model was suffering from breast cancer.

The social networking giant removed the picture of Malu Galeote who lost her right breast and had posed as part of a campaign to support other women suffering from the disease.

According to the Daily Express, Facebook removed the picture saying it violated their policy on nudity adding that mastectomies can be shown but naked breasts cannot, because many of their audience are young.

Facebook Conceal to help protect app data stored on smartphone's SD card

FacebookWashington, Feb 06 : A new technology reportedly allows stronger protection of Facebook's mobile app data that gets stored on a smartphone's SD card.

Facebook's Conceal, a set of Java APIs, has been aimed at safeguarding the vulnerable data present on the SD card, which is treated as a publicly accessible directory by Android's privacy model.

Facebook developer, Subodh Iyenger explained that as SD card are treated as a publicly accessible directory, it allows data to be read by any app, with the right permissions, PC World reports.

Twitter shares drop by 18% over slowing user growth

TwitterWashington, Feb 06  : Twitter's shares have reportedly dropped by 18 percent, to 54.18 dollars, owing to a slowed user growth rate, the company revealed in its first-quarterly earnings report.

The microblogging site went public last November and despite never reporting profit; the company's shares rose sky high on the first day of trading.

However, the 140-character site now has 241 million monthly active users, up by 30 percent year-over-year, but that is only up by 4 percent from last quarter, Tech Crunch reports.

Twitter acquires 900 IBM patents, enters cross-license agreement

TwitterJohannesburg, Feb 01 : Twitter has reportedly purchased 900 patents from IBM, entering into a cross-license deal.

The financial terms of the deal haven't been disclosed.

However, Twitter's legal director said that the deal would provide the company with greater intellectual property protection and freedom to innovate, News24 reports.

According to the report, the short messaging service had announced in a November regulatory filing that it received a letter from IBM accusing it of infringing on three of its patents.

First ten users of Facebook revealed

Mark ZuckerbergLondon, Feb. 1  : Facebook founder and CEO Mark Zuckerberg is at number four amongst the first few users on the social networking site.

In fact, the first three accounts on Facebook were reserved for testing, leaving Zuckerberg at number four.

According to The Guardian, everyone on Facebook has a user ID number, created when they joined. The numbers aren't strictly sequential: the first few million are segmented by university, so that Harvard users were assigned
0-99999, Columbia users 100000-199999, Stanford users 200000-299999, and so on.

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