No bearing on ICC's decision if India boycotts Champions Trophy: PCB

No bearing on ICC's decision if India boycotts Champions Trophy: PCB

Karachi [Pakistan], Apr 28 : Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) chairman Shaharyar Khan believes majority of the member countries of the International Cricket Council (ICC) are ready to face the likely reaction of their Indian counterpart, including their possible boycott from the forthcoming Champions Trophy, in their act of defiance over the global cricket boady's revised financial model.

Shaharyar, who was speaking in Dubai where he went to attend the ICC Board meetings, stressed that all the members, except Sri Lanka, were in favour of getting rid of the `Big Three`, featuring the cricket boards of India, England and Australia.

"Yes India has strongly opposed the resolution at the ICC meeting. However, it received the support only from Sri Lanka while the rest were in favour of getting rid of the 'big three' formula," the Dawn quoted Shaharyar as saying.

The 83-year-old said the BCCI's probable boycott from the Champions Trophy in their bid to press the ICC to accept their demands will not work as most of the member countries are ready to play without India.

"India has warned the ICC about its likely reaction which may come in the form of Champions Trophy boycott but let me clear it that it will not work as most of the member countries are ready to play without India. And in that case [India boycotting Champions Trophy], West Indies or any other team could be included in the fray by the ICC," Shaharyar said.

Shaharyar said that although the ICC might face some financial losses due to the possible absence of India, it would not be enough to change the world cricket governing body's decision.

"The ICC may face financial losses due to [possible] Indian absence at the Champions Trophy. However, most of the member countries are ready for it. Therefore, hopefully the [likely] boycott by India will not be enough to press the ICC for accepting BCCI demands," the PCB chairman stressed.

The ICC approved of a new financial model after its five-day meet in Dubai on Thursday, under which the BCCI will receive 293 million dollars from 2016 to 2023. Previously, the board was drawing an amount of 570 million dollars due to its 'Big Three' formula.

This might not have gone down well with the Indian board as the new model eats into its share.

ICC independent chairman Shashank Manohar had initially offered a compromise formula of an additional 100 million dollars, which would push the BCCI's share to almost 400 million dollars. However, BCCI rejected this with a counter-offer under which it would still get its 570 million dollars but no other full member's share would be reduced.

With the new revenue model getting the nod, BCCI will now have to do with what they have in the eight-year cycle. The England Cricket Board received 143 million dollars while Zimbabwe Cricket received 94 million dollars.

The remaining seven Full Members will receive 132 million dollars each. The Associate Members will receive a funding of 280 million dollars. This model was passed by a vote of 13 to 1.

On Wednesday, the prospect of India pulling out of this year's Champions Trophy loomed larger after the BCCI lost both the governance and the revenue votes at the crucial ICC meet.

The BCCI was the only member to object against a new financial model and was one of the only two countries to vote against the new governance changes.

The finance model received a 9-1 vote in favour, while the governance structure was passed by an 8-2 margin. The only country that voted alongside BCCI was Sri Lanka.

BCCI office bearers- Amitabh Choudhury and treasurer Anirudh Chaudhry -had rejected the ICC's settlement offer worth approximately 400 million USD - 100 million USD more the proposed 290 million USD.

Their rejection came as BCCI wanted the share it was getting under the Big Three model, i.e. 570 million USD.

However, it is understood that the other Full Members rejected the BCCI's offer, leaving Choudhry in a tight position on Wednesday morning hours before the ICC Board meeting.

It should be noted that the ICC generates a higher percentage of revenue from India than any other cricket-playing nation. (ANI)


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