Scarlet fever hits a record high in 32 years

Scarlet fever hits a record high in 32 yearsA record high number of scarlet fever cases since 1982 has led to parents of little kids get very worried about the fever affecting their wards. Parents of children who fall into the age group of the most affected ones are trying hard to protect their kids from getting affected by the Victorian illness.

Scarlet fever is a condition which is brought about by a bacterium therefore the best way is to protect your vulnerable kids and be very careful about their basic hygiene and making sure that they wash hands as and when they get home and before eating.

It is also important to ensure that they use washed towels and get to wear clean and washed clothes and bedding.  The unique name for this fever is given due to the pink-red rash it causes. While most cases are gentle and are determined inside a week, there could be cases of serious complications caused in rare situations.

Valerie Edwards-Jones, educator of medicinal microbiology at Manchester Metropolitan University, stated that individuals ought to wash hands completely with cleanser and water in the event that they have touched an infected child or other things which could be contaminated with the same germs.

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