The Russian clinic that offers leg lengthening surgery

lengtheningLondon, July 29 : A clinic in Russia offers surgery with a difference…the one which can leave you with long legs!

Yes, you heard it right. Orthopaedic surgeon Konstantin Novikov operates on people who have a genuine need and on those with cosmetic goals, reports Sky News.

One such person is 23-year-old Tanya, who wants to remain anonymous. In quest for longer legs, the youngster went through with the op. Multiple pins protrude from each leg of hers, supporting the brace in which they sit.

She says: "This process really sucks you in. When you see your legs grow longer you want more and more.

"It makes you want to make your upper legs longer as well and grow the full 10cm. That would look really beautiful."

The process, which involves metal pins being inserted into the legs, has cost her the equivalent of 16,000 pounds and nine months of her life.

The pins act as scaffolding when the bones are broken and gradually moved apart. Over time the gap heals lengthening the bone.

Novikov said: "You know with this operation we try and convince them not to do it. But they are determined with their dreams and it''s impossible to change their mind." (ANI)