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Coffee rage reaching epidemic proportions in United Kingdom

Cup of Coffee
London, Sept 3 : If you're feeling angry, irritable and aggressive, and suffering from a bad headache to boot, the chance is that you are experiencing a new malady - coffee rage.

Coffee's main active ingredient caffeine may help you get awake in the morning, but a new study has found that one in 20 people have an intolerance to it.

British Forces Quit Basra Base

Basra Palace
The British forces have quitted Basra Palace, Saddam Hussein’s quondam southern residence that became popular British base after the success of the US-led invasion.

The move has indicated the British disengagement from the conflict, and has highlighted the growing and public discord between Washington and London over Iraq. However, the America feels that the move will severely undermine security.

Diabetes drug shows promise to save millions of lives

Diabetes DrugsLondon, Sept. 3 : A drug that lowers blood pressure among diabetics may provide a significant means to save tens of thousands of lives, say UK scientists.

A five-year study conducted by them has shown that using Coversyl Plus-a combination of medication like ACE inhibitor and diuretic drugs, which are currently offered only to patients with high blood pressure-reduces the risk of death from heart-related problems and kidney failure by 18 per cent.

Three Global Majors eyeing Nasdaq's stake in LSE

Nasdaq is planning to sell up to half of its holding in London Stock Exchange (LSE). Many exchanges have approached Nasdaq to acquire the same. Nasdaq currently holds 31% stake in LSE.

There is an insider report that Deutsche Borse of Germany may buy Nasdaq shares for £400m. Deutsche Borse has been very keen to invest in LSE. The officials at Deutsche Borse have declined to comment on the situation.

US Launches Investigation Into ‘Friendly Fire’ British Deaths

Washington: The United States enounced it would carry on a methodical investigation with Britain into the situation under which three British NATO military personnel were killed in a friendly fire event in Afghanistan.

Kurt Volker, the principal deputy assistant secretary of state for European and Eurasian Affairs said, “The United States is deeply saddened by the death of three British soldiers in Afghanistan and the wounding of two others in a friendly fire incident involving ordinance dropped by a US aircraft.”

Shannon/Heathrow Service’s Death Warrant, Signed By Aer Lingus

Transport Minister Noel DempseyTransport Minister Noel Dempsey must come up to prevent the death warrant for the Shannon/Heathrow service being signed by Aer Lingus, said Fine Gael.

The call came as anger grew, with Aer Lingus being accused of turning its back on Shannon and of reneging on a commitment it only recently gave to unions in relation to maintain its schedule at airport.

Britain, US relations Will Become Stronger, Says British PM

British cabinet ministerTony Blair & George Bush said a nation’s strength depends on the alliances, not military might, but Prime Minister Gordon Brown has denied his government was moving its foreign policy away from the US.

British media suggested the speech by International Development Secretary Douglas Alexander was a subtle critique of US President George W. Bush’s policies, and a signal that Brown wants to avoid being labeled Bush’s “poodle”, as former prime minister Tony Blair was.

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