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Shotgun marriage for British couple arrested having sex on Dubai beach

London, July 10: Publishing assistant Michelle Palmer and her partner Vince hastily tied the knot after they were arrested for breaking the ‘no unmarried sex’ law in Dubai - in a bid to reduce thei

Jupiter’s third giant red spot chewed up by collision with siblings

London, July 10 : Jupiter’s third giant red storm has been chewed up by a collision with the planet’s other two red spots and may not survive.

50 percent of all British servicemen want to quit

London, July 10 : Britain''s campaigns in Iraq and Afghanistan could face problems after it emerged that almost half of all military personnel are ready to quit.

Antarctica’s largest icebergs sing eerie songs

London, July 10 : Some of Antarctica’s largest icebergs can make eerie sounds, which are a result of huge lumps of ice scraping past each other and producing thousands of tiny “icequakes”.

According to a report in New Scientist, these icebergs, which travel from Antarctica to Tahiti, can sound like laughing monkeys and barking dogs.

Massive tabular icebergs break off the Antarctic ice shelf about every 50 years. Soon after the last “calving” event in 2000, unusual harmonic tremors were picked up by underwater hydrophones as far as Tahiti.

Gordon Brown compares himself to brooding Emily Bronte anti-hero Heathcliff!

London, July 10 : British PM Gordon Brown has likened himself to disturbed Emily Bronte anti-hero Heathcliffe from ‘Wuthering Heights’.

Barack Obama’s daughters get the giggles over his ‘fashion pin-up’ status!

London, July 10 : He may be regarded as one of the most polished politicians today, but US Presidential candidate Barack Obama’s daughters are no fan of their father’s style.