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Blackberry to Come Up With Bacteria-Free Smartphone

Blackberry to Come Up With Bacteria-Free Smartphone

It is known that blackberry is working on an Android-based smartphone, but the Canadian-firm has recently revealed that it is now making a bacteria-free smartphone that can be used in health-care industry.

BlackBerry CEO John Chen revealed company's plans, but added that BlackBerry is not making the smartphone as of yet.

The company's plans were disclosed during the announcement that BlackBerry is teaming-up with ThoughtWire and Cisco Systems to offer a portable messaging and alert system to doctors and nurses of the Mackenzie Richmond Hill Hospital BlackBerry units.

Blackberry beats Wall Street expectations

Blackberry beats Wall Street expectations

Blackberry has been facing downward spiral in its sales and many stock market experts have presented negative rating for the stock due to shrinking market share. This year, BlackBerry needs to achieve its target of $500 million in software revenue. However, the question is how this target will be achieved. After BlackBerry's fiscal first-quarter report Tuesday, concerns of investors increased even more.

The company crossed Wall Street's targets in every area with the exception of key software category. The company managed to earn $137 million for the quarter, whereas analysts were expecting it to be nearly $83 million.

BlackBerry chief John Chen rules out release of new devices in 2015

John ChenLondon, Nov 12 : BlackBerry chief John Chen says that the mobile company is unlikely to release any new devices in 2015.

Chen said that the company would focus on its current range of phone models to avoid incurring any more losses.

He said that with Blackberry's survival, the company would now start looking at growth, Daily Star reported

Chen maintained that Blackberry was in a "reasonably comfortable" position and went on to claim that its latest Passport phone has been a success, the report added. (ANI)

BlackBerry CEO ups company's survival chances from 50 to 80 percent

John ChenWashington, May 29 : BlackBerry Chief Executive Officer (CEO) John Chen has reportedly upped his company's chances for survival saying that he gives it an 80 percent chance for success, which is higher than his previous estimate of a 50-50 chance of success.

Chen, who was speaking at Recode's Code Conference in Rancho Palos Verdes in California, said that BlackBerry has problems, but the company is not dead, adding that he is confident that they would be able to save the patient.

BlackBerry’s future smartphones to feature physical keyboards

BlackBerry’s future smartphones to feature physical keyboardsBlackBerry's future offerings will mostly come equipped with the company's hallmark physical keyboards, the struggling smarphone maker's interim chief executive officer John Chen said.

Waterloo, Canada-based BlackBerry, which was previously known as RIM, was once the world's top smartphone seller; but it lost most of its global market share to rivals like Samsung and Apple over the past few years. While BlackBerry's smartphones featured physical keyboards, consumers showed their preference for touchscreen phones.

BlackBerry restructures top positions in company

BlackBerryWashington, Nov. 26  : BlackBerry has reportedly announced changes to the top positions in the company, now led by CEO John Chen, in a bid to revive it from the losses.

Some of the key changes to BlackBerry's c-suite include ouster Chief Operating Officer Kristian Tear and Chief Marketing Officer Frank Boulben and the appointment of James Yersh as CFO, replacing Brian Bidulka.

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