Hesham Qandil

Egyptian PM survives attack on his motorcade

Hesham-QandilCairo, May 6 : Egyptian Prime Minister Hesham Qandil survived an attack on his motorcade by a group of armed men late Sunday, an interior ministry statement said.

"A vehicle intruded into the prime minister's motorcade and when the security guards tried to push it away, one of its passengers opened fire at the security vehicle," Xinhua quoted the statement as saying.

"While running away, the vehicle hit a policeman and a citizen but the police managed to bust the vehicle and arrest the five attackers after a pursuit," said the statement.

Egyptian PM Kandil says ‘everyone new at this democracy thing’

Hesham-KandilWashington, Feb 5 : Egyptian Prime Minister Hesham Kandil has rejected the notion that the government of his country is unstable, adding that everyone in the nation is `new in this democracy thing'.

Kandil said that they `are paying the price of Mubarak's era,' and added that their `democracy is going through a test- How the majority can accommodate the needs and concerns of the minority, and how the minority can listen to the majority and respect the majority's opinion.'

During the exclusive interview with CNN, Kandil also insisted that army has played a pivotal war in protecting the Egyptian revolution.

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