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Anti-Anna groups surface in virtual world

Anti-Anna groups surface in virtual worldNew Delhi, Aug 23 :  Anna Hazare has hogged the limelight in the virtual
world. However it's no longer just voices in support of the elderly
leader and his movement -- there has been a steady rise of those
opposing it as well.

On social networking site Facebook for instance, a group named "I hate Anna Hazare" has registered 2,301 supporters.

Wrote Vijayan Kallil, one of the supporters: "The Jan Lokpal bill will
create a totalitarian monster in the name of fighting corruption. It
must never be passed."

Don't get violent, Anna tells supporters

Don't get violent, Anna tells supportersNew Delhi, Aug 23 : Fasting activist Anna Hazare Tuesday urged his supporters not to resort to violence.

"Do not take to violence. If you do, the government will crush you. The government is very powerful," Hazare told a large crowd at the Ramlila ground here on the eighth day of his fast in support of a strong Lokpal bill.

Non-violence, he said, "is a very powerful weapon".

"This is the reason the government has not been able to crush us so far," he said.

Lines of cynicism and creativity by Anna fans

Lines of cynicism and creativity by Anna fansNew Delhi, Aug 23 : "Gali gali mein shor hai, sabhi neta chor hain (there is a refrain in every alley, all leaders are thieves)".

Be it old slogans with a twist, new catchphrases, witty one-liners or poetry, the Anna Hazare anti-corruption movement suddenly seems to be inspiring the common person take a shot at protest literature.

Anna stand-off: Government to convene all-party meet

Anna stand-off: Government to convene all-party meetNew Delhi, Aug 23 : The government has called an all-party meeting Wednesday to discuss and evolve a wider consensus on Anna Hazare's Lokpal bill demands, sources said Tuesday.

The sources from various political parties confirmed that the government has convened the meeting Wednesday afternoon to find a way to break the stand-off with the anti-corruption crusader whose fast entered its eighth day Tuesday.

Journalists struggle to bring you Hazare live

Journalists struggle to bring you Hazare liveNew Delhi, Aug 23 : With Anna Hazare's fast at Ramlila Maidan here entering its eighth day Tuesday, hundreds of foreign and Indian journalists are spending hours at the sprawling grounds, reporting every single development of his protest for a stronger anti-corruption bill.

Demanding a Jan Lokpal bill that brings the prime minister, the higher judiciary and the conduct of MPs inside parliament within the ambit of a Lokpal (ombudsman), Hazare has been fasting since Aug 16. Initially arrested, he has continued with his fast at Ramlila ground since Friday.

Lokpal Bill: Hazare''s fast enters eighth day

 Lokpal Bill: Hazare''s fast enters eighth dayNew Delhi, Aug 23 : Social activist Anna Hazare''s fast for an effective Jan Lokpal Bill entered its eighth day on Tuesday.

Addressing mediapersons, civil society activist Arvind Kejriwa, said they want political dialogues since this is a political problem.

"It''s not a bureaucratic or technical problem it''s completely political problem, so solution is also political," he added.

Anna's fast enters eighth day, health stable

Anna's fast enters eighth day, health stableNew Delhi, Aug 23 : Activist Anna Hazare has lost around 5.5 kg as his fast for a strong anti-graft bill entered its eighth day here Tuesday, an aide said.

"He (Anna Hazare) has lost a total of around 5.5 kg since he began his fast… his blood pressure is 124/82 and the pulse rate is 84. But he is feeling good," Hazare's confidante Manish Sisodia told reporters.

"Doctors are regularly monitoring him and as of now there is no need to hospitalise him. His condition is stable," added Sisodia.

We don't want to topple government: Team Anna

New Delhi, Aug 22 : A day after Anna Hazare's call 'Lao ya Jao' (Enact the bill or go) triggered a row, Team Anna clarified Monday that it was not seeking to oust the Congress-led government.

"Our aim is not to topple the government," Hazare confidant and Right To Information activist Arvind Kejriwal said at the Ramlila ground where the fast by the civil society leader for a strong Lokpal bill entered the seventh day.

Swami Agnivesh, another aide of Hazare, spoke on similar lines earlier.

Addressing a large gathering at the ground, he said Hazare and his associates were not against any one political party.

Hazare fast enters sixth day

Hazare fast enters sixth dayNew Delhi, Aug 21 - Gandhian activist Anna Hazare's fast for a strong Lokpal bill entered the sixth day here Sunday, with thousands packing the spacious Ramlila ground.

Hazare, 74, "is fine", an activist of India Against Corruption told IANS. "He was fine till late yesterday, and so is the condition now I think."

The volunteer added that a meeting of Hazare and his close aides was going on but the subject being discussed was not known.

Standing committee should reject Lokpal Bill: Kejriwal

Standing committee should reject Lokpal Bill: KejriwalNew Delhi, Aug 20 : Social activist Arvind Kejriwal Saturday urged the parliamentary standing committee looking into the Lokpal Bill to reject the government's bill, saying it will only waste time on it.

Kejriwal said at the Ramlila Ground, where Anna Hazare is continuing his fast against corruption, that the government's Lokpal Bill will only protect the corrupt.

Private member's bill dosen't mean much, says Kejriwal

Private member's bill dosen't mean much, says KejriwalNew Delhi, Aug 20 : A day after Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) parliamentarian Varun Gandhi said he will move the Jan Lokpal bill of Team Anna as a private member's bill in parliament, Anna Hazare's aide Arvind Kejriwal said it will just be symbolic in nature.

"The private member's bill actually dosen't mean much. It's more symbolic in nature that the particular member supports the cause," said Kejriwal, a member of Team Anna.

Following Anna's footsteps, they fast on

Following Anna's footsteps, they fast onChennai, Aug 20 : A group of protesters here continued its fast in support of activist Anna Hazare's hunger-strike for a stronger Lokpal bill for the fifth day Saturday.

According to India Against Corruption (IAC), the outfit which is supporting Hazare in his anti-corruption campaign, the total number of people on indefinite fast has increased to 41 and those on relay fast to five.

"The group which has been fasting since Tuesday has gone without food for over 100 hours," an IAC statement said here.

Anna's hyperboles may yet produce a strong Lokpal

Anna's hyperboles may yet produce a strong Lokpal Although the Manmohan Singh government has been battered and bruised by its inept handling of civil society activists, the latter's claim of being harbingers of a second independence movement has also begun to wear thin.

Won't give up, says Anna

Won't give up, says AnnaNew Delhi, Aug 20 : Signs of continuous fast for the past four days might have started showing on his face, but anti-corruption crusader Anna Hazare is relentless in his spirit. On the fifth day of his fast Saturday, he said he'll "not give up".

"I have lost 3.5 kg over the past four days... but there is nothing to worry," the Gandhian said, as the crowd of supporters at the Ramlila ground in central Delhi cheered.

"I will not give up... we will keep fighting until we get the Jan Lokpal bill passed," he added.

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