Obama says US supports India's role as regional provider of security

Islamabad, Feb 07 : The national security strategy unveiled by US President Barack Obama notes that the US supports India's role as a regional provider of security.

The document read that the United States and India shared inherent values and mutual interests which was the basis for cooperation between the two nations.

In the note sent to Congress, Obama said that the country also backed India's expanded participation in critical regional institutions, Dawn News reported.

He added in the note that the US saw a strategic convergence with India's Act East policy and its continued implementation of the rebalance to Asia and the Pacific.

Obama's national security strategy also details the country's plans to work with Pakistan to restore stability in Afghanistan and maintain regional peace.

He further said in the document that the US "will continue to work with both India and Pakistan to promote strategic stability, combat terrorism, and advance regional economic integration in South and Central Asia."

Obama came out with a national security strategy on Friday, urging "strategic patience," drawing criticism among lawmakers amid threat posed by Islamic State (IS).

According to FOX News, the 29-page document is meant to serve as a blueprint for Obama's final two years in office.

Obama's security strategy described the US as an important force in fighting global challenges such as terrorism, climate change and cyber threats, the report said. (ANI)