More than hundred studies confirm that violent video games make aggressive kids

More than hundred studies confirm that violent video games make aggressive kidsAnalysis of 130 studies involving 130,000 subjects worldwide by a U. S. researcher proves violent video games lead to more aggressive, less caring kids.

The review was conducted by a team of eight researchers from the United States and Japan says Craig Anderson, a distinguished professor of psychology at Iowa State University.

The research team used meta-analytic procedures -- the statistical methods used to analyze and combine results from previous, related literature -- to test the effects of violent video game play on the behaviors, thoughts and feelings of the individuals, ranging from elementary school children to college undergraduates.

It was also found in the analysis which was published in the Psychological Bulletin, that violent video game effects are significant in both Eastern and Western cultures, in males and females, and in all age groups.

Anderson says in a statement," We can now say with utmost confidence that regardless of research method -- that is experimental, correlational, or longitudinal -- and regardless of the cultures tested in this study -- East and West -- you get the same effects."

He further added," And the effects are that exposure to violent video games increases the likelihood of aggressive behavior in both short-term and long-term contexts. Such exposure also increases aggressive thinking and aggressive affect and decreases pro-social behavior." (With input from agencies)

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