Microsoft might soon be available on Apple, Android tablets

Microsoft might soon be available on Apple, Android tabletsSoftware giant, Microsoft might soon launch its Office software suite for devices running on Google's Android platform as well as Apple devices, according to reports.

The company has not confirmed the reports about the launch of the suit for tablets. However, the company could gain from the move as more companies are allowing workers to work from their own devices and the availability of Microsoft Office suit could help millions of office workers around the world.

Microsoft, Apple and Google have not commented on the reports indicating a launch of the device on the new platforms. Office for the iPad and Android platforms will allow Microsoft to gain from the new emerging market of tablets and helo boost its software revenue, which is its core business.

Apple and Google tablets are the most popular tablets among the workers for official work and most of the workers are on enterprise network, many of which are based on windows. Windows on tablets could provide continuity in the workplace to the workers using Microsoft tool. Office apps such as Word, Excel and PowerPoint are required by office users from around the world.

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