Mancini unhappy with strange penalty

Roberto-ManciniRome, Oct 3 : Galatasaray new head coach Roberto Mancini said he was unhappy with the referee's decision to award a "strange" penalty to Juventus in their 2-2 Champions League draw at Turin Wednesday.

A rueful smile appeared on Mancini when the referee pointed to the spot after Juventus striker Fabio Quagliarella was brought down in the area, reports Xinhua. Arturo Vidal converted the penalty to pull the scoreline level on 1-1.

"It was a strange game, as Juve went behind and they were awarded a penalty that was, shall we say, strange," said Mancini. "I think without that they would not have been able to score tonight. I don't think it was a penalty."

The former Manchester City manager conceded he has to familiarise himself with the team which he took over two days ago.

"I got to know my players a bit more, as I didn't know all of them well. I knew this would be a tough game because Juventus are a great squad," he said.

"We fell back physically in the second half, so this team needs to work and we'll have time for that on the break for international duty," he added. (IANS)