Alicia Keys

Alicia Keys calls ‘gangsta rap’ US ploy to get 'black people to kill each other'

American R&B musician Alicia KeysLondon, Apr 14 : American R

Alicia Keys’ ‘As I Am’ tops Billboard 200

Washington, Nov 22: Alicia Keys’ album ‘As I Am’ has topped the American charts with a sale of 742,000 copies for the week ended Sunday

Alicia Keys finds it hard to trust people

New York, Nov 16 : R&B superstar Alicia Keys has revealed that she can’t trust people easily.

The ‘Fallin' hitmaker has revealed in an interview with Entertainment Weekly that she prefers to stay reserved ever since she was a kid, because she’s afraid people will use things she’s said to them against her if she opens up to them.

"Ever since I was little, I always felt like if people knew about me, they'd be able to use it against me, " the New York Daily News quoted Keys, as saying.

Alicia Keys understands why she was branded a lesbian

London, Oct 23 : R&B superstar Alicia Keys has realised why she was branded a lesbian at the beginning of her career - because she was "rough around the edges".

Keys’ sexuality became the subject of speculation after the release of her debut album ‘Songs In A Minor’ in 2001.

However, the singer has been adamant she isn't a lesbian but has admitted that her appearance and attitude may have led people to think so.


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