Lenovo: The slim and light ThinkPad T431s is a result of extensive research

Lenovo: The slim and light ThinkPad T431s is a result of extensive researchAccording to a new eWEEK report, citing the information shared by Lenovo's Thinkpad unit product marketing manager Alysia Baker, the Lenovo ThinkPad T431s - which is being touted as the slimmest and lightest laptop in the ThinkPad T series - has been developed by the manufacturer after carrying out extensive research.

Baker said that, for creating the ThinkPad T431s, Lenovo undertook an extensive research initiative which spanned over a period of more than nine months, across nine countries and in 11 languages. During the course of the research, the company interviewed "young adults/millenials in the U. S., Mexico, Germany, France, Italy, Japan, China, India and Brazil."

As per Baker, it was on the basis of the feedback from the interviewees that the Lenovo ThinkPad T431s was designed by the company; with inputs for improvement from researchers who spent thousands of hours following the users at work and at home.

Noting that the extensive research for ThinkPad T431s did not include only surveys, baker told eWEEK that the research included "focus groups and was a very iterative process, where we (the Lenovo ThinkPad research team) would talk to customers, go back and revise, and get their thoughts again."

In general, about the extensive research that Lenovo conducted for designing ThinkPad T431s - which will be priced at 4949; and will hit the markets in April -, Baker said that the aim was to ensure that ThinkPad remained "relevant to businesses and consumers for the next 20 years."