Kids are being “damaged” by mums going to work!

London, Feb 2 : A new survey suggests that kids are being "damaged" with more and more mothers going to work.

It has been said that the growing economic independence of women from their male partners is contributing to family break-ups.

As per the report from The Church of England-affiliated Children's Society and the Archbishop of Canterbury Dr Rowan Williams', more mums with babies just under a year old are working, and carers are looking after their kids.

About seventy per cent of the mothers of 9-12 month-old babies do some paid work compared to a quarter 25 years ago, and family break-ups are up, with a third of
16-year-olds now living apart from their biological dad, reports the Sun.

The survey also showed that around 50 per cent more kids of separated parents had problems than those from a "nuclear" family, and looking at the growing number of broken homes, the study says working mums are contributing to it.

"Women's new economic independence contributes to this rise," the study noted.

It calls for parenting classes, psychological support when couples hit the rocks, and more help with affected kids.

But work advisory service Mums in Control have a different view to the whole thing.

"It's nonsense to suggest all mothers should stay home," it said.

"Many work because they have to financially. And far from damaging their families, their salary is what allows them to stay together. This is even more true in a recession," it added. (ANI)