Keep police out of politics: Egyptian interior minister

Keep police out of politics: Egyptian interior ministerCairo, March 11 - Egypt's Interior Minister Mohamed Ibrahim has called on all political forces to keep the police out of politics.

Demanding to keep the interior ministry out of the ongoing political conflict, Ibrahim said the police was independent and did not belong to any political faction, Xinhua reported.

"Leave us (to) work for the sake of the security," the minister said Sunday during a press conference.

The minister's remarks came after bloody confrontations between police forces and anti-government protesters and rioters killed two people and injured 19 Saturday near Tahrir Square here.

On Sunday, Ibrahim was summoned for interrogations over the riots that claimed lives of at least 40 people and injured several hundreds late January after the first court ruling on "Port Said massacre" case that sentenced 21 defendants to death. (IANS)