IPL merchandise sales take a hit in Kolkata

IPL Kolkata, Apr. 17 :IPL merchandise sale is seeing a slump in Kolkata markets. With the premier league matches being played away from home in far away South Africa, the shopkeepers who had invested hugely in IPL Tee Shirts of all teams are ruing the loss of customers.

From the black and gold tees of Kolkata Knight Riders, to the startling Yellow and Black of the Deccan Charges Tee Shirts. From the Blue and Yellow Rajasthan Royals sports jerseys to the Black and Red, Delhi Dare Devils tracksuits. From the Light Blue and Red of Punjab XI Tees to the Yellow and Red with a tinge of Blue Chennai Super Kings Tees and the Sky Blue and Deep Blue of Mumbai Indians tees – all are available in abundance but there are few customers.

Shopkeepers like Md. Salaluddin point out that when the matches were held at Eden Gardens last year, all the local fans going to the stadium used to buy the Tee Shirts of their favourite teams to show support. Most sales of course were of the Kolkata Knight Riders. During each match at least 250 pieces of the teams playing were sold out last year, Salaluddin says. This time he is not harbouring any such hopes. Even at knocked down prices of Rs 80 onwards, even on the eve of IPL series, there are hardly any customers.

The few customers, like Mahesh Chakraborty, who are turning up to look at the sports wear, say buying and wearing their favourite team’s jersey and sitting in front of the television to watch the matches can only be a compensation for missing the excitement of cheering the team from the stands in their team colours. (ANI)