Oz woman becomes first to give birth after ovarian tissue transplanted into abdomen

Oz woman becomes first to give birth after ovarian tissue transplanted into abdomenMelbourne, Feb 9 - An Australian lady named Vali Creus, has become the only woman in the world who has given birth to twins even after getting ovarian tissue transplanted into abdomen.

Creus was first diagnosed with ovarian cancer when she was 19-year-old, and at that time her one ovary was removed and the other was frozen and defrosted many years later, News.com.au reported.

Doctors then grafted the stored ovarian tissue into her abdomen, and it took her almost three years to get pregnant, but she never lost the hope of having children.

Unfortunately, when mother gave birth to girls by a caesarean section, doctors discovered that the cancer had returned, but they were able to remove it in the same surgery and now the lady was completely okay.

Mrs Creus shared her emotions and said that she and her husband Dean were so amazed, as it was like blessing to them that their family has now been completed.

Kate Stern, head Associate Professor at IVF Fertility Preservation Service told that this was a process in which tiny eggs from the ovarian tissue are grown in the lab, as women with a hormone sensitive cancer might have risk of containing residual cancer cells with grafting or stimulation of the ovaries.

Creus has set an example for other women who are suffering from ovarian cancer and has given a hope that they can achieve their dream of starting a family, despite the diagnosis. (ANI)