Latest `birthing trend`: New mums turning placentas into `healthy` smoothies

Latest `birthing trend`: New mums turning placentas into `healthy` smoothiesMelbourne, Mar 12 : The latest "birthing trend" shows that an ancient practice of consuming the placenta after birth is gaining popularity in some affluent Sydney suburbs.

Pre-natal yoga teacher Brooke Martin said that over the past three years, she had helped nearly 100 new mums turn their placentas into "vitamin" capsules and even smoothies by blending just a thumbnail-sized placenta piece with fruit and ice, News. com. au reported.

The 38-year-old doula and placenta specialist added that there was evidence to show valuable stem cells and nutrients in the placenta can boost energy levels, help prevent post natal depression, reduce post-birth bleeding and increase milk supply.

Martin, who also runs pre-natal yoga classes at Zen Collective in Freshwater in Sydney's northern beaches, added that this is not new, other cultures have treated the placenta with reverence and it's used in traditional Chinese medicine.

She added that her aim is to prepare and empower women during the yoga sessions by providing her extensive knowledge and experience as a doula. (ANI)