Google-owned company makes creepy robotic reindeer
Google-owned company makes creepy robotic reindeer

A Google-owned company has made robotic reindeer, but they are probably not aware of how creepy their reindeer creations actually are for the normal folks out there. The outlook of reindeer robots is devious enough to freak out people on the Internet.

They don’t look like Rudolf and friends instead they seem more like ‘Alien’ and the ‘Terminator’ pets. It is sad that nobody has found anything cute to say about the robotic reindeer so far.

The Boston Dynamics group has created these reindeer robots. Previously, the group has dropped jaws with its four-legged robots, such as Big Dog robot. The Big Dog robot was able to wow people as it could balance while navigating across rough terrains. According to December 23’s Yahoo News, the piece of technology is an amazing one and that even when the Big Dog was shoved, it remained upright.

The group is also the creator of the robotic Cheetah, which people saw running at a maximum 28.3 miles per hour speed in a demo. Though the robotic reindeer is undoubtedly an amazing feat of technology, why does it have to be so darn creepy?

The CS Monitor today reported that Google owns the company Boston Dynamics and they have suggested that folks have just seen the beginning of robots. With the passage of time, robots will do much more.

As per The Wall Street Journal today, “Boston Dynamics’ folks released this Christmas-themed video featuring a sleigh being pulled by three of its ‘Spot Bots’ substituting for traditional reindeer”.

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