Google launches new “Project Glass”

Google launches new “Project Glass”Internet giant, Google has launched its new "Project Glass", which are augmented reality glasses capable of showing chats, maps and other services.

The company has offered a peek into the new project in the field of wearable computing. The prototype glasses include a small see-through screen and might be able to display maps, take photos or even initiate video calls, according to a concept video released on Wednesday by the company.

The video shows a man having an average day added with the benefits of pictures, information and menu buttons that appeared on the augmented reality glasses. The information guided him through the streets of Manhattan and through a bookstore.

Experts say that the glasses would not offer any feature that is not offered by a smartphone. The only apparent difference between the two would be that the internet will be included in the field of view through the will save the time to move the arm to take out the smartphone from the pocket and access its features.

Meanwhile, pop culture hacker Jonathan McIntosh quickly released a spoofed version of the video with ads appearing while the user does various things in his daily life. It is expected that the gadget and service provided on it would include advertisement, which is the source of earning for the internet giant. It is to be seen if the technologically advanced is accepted by the consumers.