Indonesian police seize bomb-making materials, detain one

Indonesian police seize bomb-making materials, detain one Jakarta - Indonesian police detained one man believed to be linked to terrorist activities Tuesday and seized bomb-making materials at a house in suburban Jakarta, the country's police chief said.

General Bambang Hendarso Danuri said counterterrorism police conducted the raid at a rented house in the northern suburb of Plumpang, the state-run Antara news agency reported.

The officers seized dozens of bullets, 3 kilograms of explosive material believed to be TNT, bomb-making manuals, pipes and cables.

OECD meeting on tax havens begins in Paris

Paris - Ministers and representatives from 18 members of the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) began meeting in Paris on Tuesday to tackle international tax havens.

Convened by France and Germany, the participants will attempt to force tax havens to open their accounts to investigators looking for depositors who avoid paying taxes on their incomes.

The issue has been made more pressing because of the global finance crisis.

Pascal Saint-Amans, the OECD official in charge of the fight against tax havens, told the daily Le Figaro, "How can we pretend to rebuild a healthy financial system if we do not put an end to these dark pockets?"

McCain says Obama is a “job-killing” socialist

McCain says Obama is a “job-killing” socialistBelton (US), Oct 21 : US Republican presidential candidate John McCain has reportedly launched a fresh attack on his Democratic rival Barack Obama, warning the voters that the latter was “shifty, job-killing socialist” who wasn’t ready to take on the challenges facing the next US President.

Announcing his policies, he said if he won the election, he won’t raise taxes on anyone, particularly the small business owners.

Hillary Clinton-Barack Obama join forces in Florida

Hillary Clinton-Barack Obama join forces in Florida The ‘Vote Early for Change’ rally in Fort Lauderdale on Monday saw Barack Obama and Hillary Rodham Clinton join forces, insisting on Floridians to use their swing state influence to bring back a Democrat in the White House.

With fists pumping and arms clasped around each other’s back, the two Senators looked like old friends. As thousands in the crowd cheered their appearance together, Obama vowed to tap Clinton’s passion for health-care reform in case he becomes the President.

Prez campaign donor explosion mostly from securities,investments industry: NYT

New York, Oct. 21: A New York Times analysis of donors who have handed over cheques of 25,000 dollars or more to the fund-raising committees of the Obama and McCain campaigns, has found that most of it came from the securities and investments industry.

According to the paper, the contributions have come from various firms embroiled in the recent financial crisis like Bear Stearns, Lehman Brothers and AIG, and it adds that the joint fund-raising committees have been utilized far more heavily in this presidential election than in the past.

Bacteria in human gut can influence obesity level

According to a new research, there is a link between obesity and some kind of bacteria in human gut. As bacteria support digestion in human gut but some kind of bacteria can influence the obesity level. Person with obese bacteria might gain more weight.

Researchers found in their study that a molecule named as Gpr41, activated by two types of bacteria helps in slow down the movement of food through the gut. In this process human body absorb more nutrients or calories from food and gain weight.

The study was based on mice and it showed that those bred without Gpr41 were slimmer than others although they fed the same quantity of food. The study also points the way to a possible method of controlling weight, said the researchers.