Taliban order mobile networks shutdown in Ghazni to prevent tracking of fighters

Ghazni, Oct 22 : The Taliban in Afghanistan have reportedly directed the five mobile phone operators to shut their networks during the day time, as, they, say the mobile signals help the Afghan security agencies in tracking their fighters.

“We have informed mobile companies operating in Ghazni to turn off their signals during the daytime now as it endangers the lives of our fighters. We want the companies to cut off their signal for 10 days from now. The order might be extended,” the Dawn quoted Taliban spokesman Zabiullah Mujahid as saying.

The Taliban insurgents said that they had told the mobile phone operators to shut down their networks during the day in the Ghazni province, southwest of Kabul.

Shares fall sharply in Seoul

Seoul - Shares extended their losses Wednesday on the Seoul stock exchange as investors remained worried over the impact of a global recession.

New poll finds 75 percent of Americans are angry at the way things are going there

New poll finds 75 percent of Americans are angry at the way things are going thereWashington, Oct 22 : A recent poll findings released by CNN and the Opinion Research Corporation (ORC) have revealed that three in every four Americans were of the opinion that things in the US “were going badly” in the country, and that they were angry about it.

Asked if they were scared about the way things were going in America, 24 per cent said “very scared” and 43 per cent said “somewhat scared.”

Taiwan grounds all warplanes after two crashes in two days

Taipei - Taiwan Defence Minister Chen Chao-min on Wednesday ordered all warplanes grounded for three days for safety inspections after a second crash in as many days.

"With painful mind, I apologise to all compatriots in Taiwan, and the ministry has ordered that all war planes, except for those on routine surveillance or search missions, be grounded for three days for safety inspections," Chen told parliament.

His comments came after opposition parliamentarians questioned him over the crash of a submarine-hunting helicopter during night training Tuesday, a day after a self-developed Indigenous Defence Fighter (IDF) jet crashed.

Army troops capture two communist rebel leaders in Philippines

Zamboanga City, Philippines - Government troops captured two local communist rebel leaders and overran a guerrilla camp in the southern Philippines, a regional army chief said Wednesday.

Major General Jogi Leo Fojas said the two rebel commanders were captured Monday during a raid on a guerrilla redoubt in Santa Cruz town in Davao del Sur province, 990 kilometres south of Manila.

Fojas said the soldiers seized the guerrilla encampment after 30 minutes of firefight.

The two captured guerrillas were undergoing tactical interrogation in a nearby army headquarters, according to Fojas.

Archaeologists discover nine ancient Roman columns on riverbed

Rome, Oct 22 : Archaeologists have discovered nine ancient Roman columns believed to have originally lined the most important Roman road into the Balkans, on a riverbed in northern Italy.

According to news agency ANSA, the stone columns are believed to date back to the fourth century AD and some carry inscriptions relating to the emperors of that late stage in the Roman Empire.

“''This is an extraordinary find because of the number of columns and the inscriptions they bear,” local archaeological authorities said.

The columns are originally believed to have served as milestones along the road that led from Aquileia to ancient Aemona, today the Slovenian capital Ljubljana.