Fortis extends its reach to Speciality Medical Centres

Fortis-HealthcareFortis Healthcare pronounced its foray into Speciality Medical Centres, which will further concentrate on the cure of metabolic diseases, comprising of diabetes and hormonal disorders.

These standalone centres will aid in expansion of Fortis's reach and capacity to attain the increased demands for quality healthcare services, Fortis Healthcare explained through a statement.

"This is one of the many innovative offerings from Fortis; all of which are aimed to improve medical access and bring about patient-centric approach in healthcare," Fortis Healthcare CEO Bhavdeep Singh stated.

A special purpose vehicle (SPV) has been released for the reason (to treat diabetes) in an association with Anoop Mishra, who claimed to be the executive chairman of the company, Fortis stated.

The centres will extend a holistic approach towards therapies and at the same extend support for programmers to improve the outcomes and at the same time improve the life standards of patients suffering with diabetes and other metabolic diseases, the company stated.

Meanwhile an estimate 51 million people are associated with diabetes in the nation and the figure will be soon touching 80 million by 2030.

Shares of Fortis Healthcare today reached Rs 145.20 on Bombay Stock Exchange, which dipped by 0.92 per cent from its previous share.