Death toll in Chile quake rise to 795, may rise further

Death toll in Chile quake rise to 795, may rise furtherThe government said on Tuesday that the death toll has reached 795 from Saturday's 8.8-magnitude earthquake in Chile and that number likely will rise.

We expect to find more victims as search-and-rescue crews dig under the rubble. An estimated 2 million people have lost their homes and more than 90 aftershocks have been recorded, ranging from 4.9 to 6.9 in magnitude, officials said.

According to CNN reports, President Michelle Bachelet said looting and lawlessness seen in the city of Concepcion and other areas affected by the quake won't be tolerated and violators would be subject to the "full force of the law."

Bachelet said during a news conference on Tuesday," We have seen images that are, frankly, intolerable. We want to make it clear that it won't be accepted."

Bachelet further said," What worries us the most today is to provide security and tranquility to the nation. We ask for understanding and patience because the aid will arrive."

CNN also reported that more than 13,000 soldiers are being deployed to secure order, Bachelet said. Trucks and other vehicles carrying some of the aid were getting backed up at a military checkpoint about 12 miles outside of Concepcion. (With input from agencies)