Media Tek keen on expanding business in India

Media Tek keen on expanding business in India

New Delhi: Taiwan-based electronic chip firm Media Tek's Chairman MK Tsai on Friday met Telecom Minister Ravi Shankar Prasad and expressed keen interest in expanding presence in the country.

"Media Tek chairman (MK Tsai) shared his commitment to make technology more accessible for people. He was encouraged by the great market potential that India holds in the field of technology and high tech services. He share with the Minister that Media Tek is keen on expanding its presence in India," an official statement said.

Media Tek makes electronic chips that are used mostly in low-priced phones. It does not own any chip manufacturing facility but designs chips and gets product made from vendors.

MediaTek introduces octa-core mobile processor

MediaTek introduces octa-core mobile processorTaiwanese integrated circuit producer MediaTek has introduced the world to its eight-core processor, elevating the bar for the competition.

MediaTek claimed that all the eight cores of its new octa-core processor run all together unlike existing eight-core solutions available in the market that activate only half of their cores at once.

MediaTek to make Twitter available on feature phones

MediaTek to make Twitter available on feature phonesTaiwan's MediaTek, which is a supplier of chips for low cost phones sold in Asia, Africa and South America, will offer the Twitter service on low end mobile phones aimed at the emerging markets.

MediaTek will preinstall the micro blogging service in the feature phones and allow the users to access the service easily, even without the need of a smartphone. Twitter and MediaTek announced their partnership on Wednesday that will bring its services to users in emerging markets.

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