Google Glass doesn't make texting safer behind the wheel

Google_GlassWashington, Sept 25 - A new research has revealed that like a smartphone, Google Glass too distracts drivers when texting while driving.

Research at University of Central Florida further found that texting Glass users outperformed smartphone users when regaining control of their vehicles after a traffic incident.

Researcher Ben Sawyer said that they hope that Glass points the way to technology that can help deliver information with minimal risk.

With the emergence of Glass and competitors, several states are considering banning drivers from wearing those technologies.

Google boss Schmidt slams 'paranoid' Assange over Govt ties accusations

Eric SchmidtWashington, Sep 24 - Google's Eric Schmidt is infuriated with Julian Assange allegations that Google is tied to the US government when it comes to the openness of the Internet, which the WikiLeaks founder expressed in his new book 'When Google met WikiLeaks.'

On the eve of the book launch, Schmidt called WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange 'very paranoid.'

The book recalls an encounter when Assange met Schmidt in 2011. Assange has also said Google is basically a privatized National Security Agency, CNET reported.

However, Schmidt adamantly denied Assange's allegations.

Google's DoubleClick ad servers served malicious ads to millions of users: Report

Google's DoubleClick ad servers served malicious ads to millions of users: ReportWashington, Sep 21 : A report has revealed that Google's DoubleClick ad servers and the popular Zedo ad agency were serving malicious ads to millions of internet users that spread the recently identified Zemot malware.

A Google representative confirmed that the team was aware of the breach and has taken steps to shut it down, reported The Verge. Researcher Jerome Segura said that the malware went unnoticed for weeks because it was not too visible. It was identified only after popular sites got flagged in the honeypots, Segura said.

Google launches three 100$ smartphones based on Android One initiative in India

 smartphonesWashington, Sep 16 - Google has unveiled the much-awaited three new smartphones based on the Android One initiative at an event in New Delhi.

The three new handsets include, Spice Android One Dream UNO Mi-498, the Micromax Canvas A1 and the Karbonn Sparkle V, reported CNET. The three phones share similar features like, a 4.5-inch FWVGA display with a 854x480-pixel resolution, quad-core 1.3GHz MediaTek processor, dual-SIM capability, 1GB RAM and 4GB of onboard storage alongside a microSD card slot for expandability along with a 5- megapixel camera on and a removable 1,700mAh battery.

Now, detect real-time emotions with Google Glass

Google-GlassWashington, September 6 : The new Google Glass will help you accurately detect someone's age or gender and emotions in real-time.

According to Extreme Tech, Researchers at Fraunhofer Institute in Germany have created the world's first real-time emotion detection app for Google Glass, which is based on its tried-and-tested SHORE system that has developed into a face detection and fine facial analysis system over the years.

Google celebrates 'Teacher's Day' with colorful doodle

Google celebrates 'Teacher's Day' with colorful doodleNew Delhi, Sept 5 - Google has paid tribute to all the teachers worldwide by dedicating its doodle to Teacher's Day.

The doodle shows colorful letters spelling 'google,' each portraying teachers for different subjects like math, sports, science, music etc., and on clicking the doodle, it takes the visitor to Google search result page for news on Teacher's Day.

The day, which has been celebrated since 1962, marks birthday of former Indian President, Dr. Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan, who was born on September 5. (ANI)

Nokia mulling own free map app to compete with Apple, Google

NokiaWashington, Sep 4 : Nokia is reportedly mulling its own free map app to compete with Apple and Google, scheduled to debut before year's end.

According to CNET, Nokia's map apps will not require an online connection to generate driving directions. The apps would also be geared directly toward individual consumers rather than toward Nokia's usual business customers.

However, Nokia already offers a map app called Here Maps, which is available for Windows 8.1 and Windows Phone. The app initially supported the iPhone and iPad, but Nokia pulled the app last year over issues with iOS 7.

Soon, Google may provide 'one stop shop' for 'entire' human knowledge

GoogleWashington, Aug 22 : Google is planning to build a vast knowledge bank, which promises to include complete human knowledge, it has been reported.

According to New Scientist report, Google would be building a next-generation information database called 'Knowledge Vault' that's designed to index and store all the facts about world and its history, Discovery News reported.

Researchers successfully hack Gmail app 9 out of 10 times: Report

Researchers successfully hack Gmail app 9 out of 10 times: ReportWashington, Aug 22 - A team of researchers have identified a flaw in Android, Windows and iOS mobile operating systems which allowed them to hack several apps including Gmail with a success rate of 82 to 92 percent.

Gmail was hacked with success rate of 92 percent, WebMD (85 percent), CHASE Bank (83) and H and R Block with 92 percent, were found 'easy to be hacked'.

However, Amazon, with a 48 percent success rate, was the only app they tested that was difficult to penetrate.

Google removes 12 BBC news stories in wake of 'right to be forgotten'

Google-right-to-be-forgottenLondon, Aug 20 : A total of 12 BBC News stories have been removed from some search results following a landmark privacy ruling in Europe on the right to be forgotten.

The stories ranging from coverage of a court case on bomb-making in Northern Ireland 13 years ago to a dispute over a lost dog have been removed by Google since controversial EU "right to be forgotten" laws came into effect in May, the BBC reports.

Google made it a point to notify BBC about the removal of stories, but it did not reveal as to who had made the removal requests.

Google's pivotal IPO launched a decade of big bets

Google's pivotal IPO launched a decade of big betsSan Francisco - Google's IPO, a decade ago this week, launched the company on a trajectory that continues to reshape its business and much of the world in its orbit.

And CEO Larry Page is determined to push even further.

Page's vision is that Google's products and services will become the control center of people's lives: The company's driverless cars will chauffeur people around safer roads and deliver goods within hours of an online order.

Case against Google for collecting classified data: Govt

Case-against-GoogleNew Delhi: A case has been registered against search giant Google for collecting classified data in violation of the National Map Policy 2005, the government said Wednesday.

"M/s Google India Pvt Ltd, without any approval of Ministry of Defence or any other agency of Government, conducted the Mapathon 2013 competition during February 12, 2013 to March 25, 2013 and collected data, including classified data, in violation of the National Map Policy-2005.

Google 'polluted Internet' with classified material: Rao

Google 'polluted Internet' with classified material: RaoNew Delhi : After registering a Preliminary Enquiry against Google for alleged mapping of classified areas, CBI has sought help of Survey of India which has alleged that the Internet giant continued to "pollute" the web with classified material despite being warned against it.

As the probe continues, Surveyor General of India Swarna Subba Rao alleged that the Internet giant did not refrain from mentioning classified site even after having been asked not to do so.

Google most attractive employer among Asia-Pacific graduates

GoogleNew Delhi: Internet giant Google is the most attractive employer for graduates from the Asia-Pacific region in a list of top companies which figures no Indian firm.

According to global employer branding firm Universum's 2014 Most Attractive Employers in Asia Pacific Ranking, Google has emerged as the most desirable employer among business, as well as engineering and IT students in the APAC region.

Google is followed by Deloitte, Citi, Apple and P&G in the top-five firms for business students. Among engineering and IT students, Google is followed by Apple, Microsoft, Samsung and BMW.

Google can predict stock market crashes: Study

Google-predict-stock-marketLondon: A rise in Google searches for terms relating to business and politics can predict a future stock market crash, researchers have claimed.

A team of researchers from Warwick Business School in the UK and Boston University in the US has developed a method to automatically identify topics that people search for on Google before subsequent stock market falls.

Applied to data between 2004 and 2012, the method shows that increases in searches for business and politics preceded falls in the stock market.

Google grants more than 50% 'right to be forgotten' requests

GoogleWashington, July 26 : Google's updated statistics show that the Internet search-engine-giant has granted more than half of "right to be forgotten" requests in Europe.

According to CNET, Google confirmed on Friday that it approved more than half of the "right to be forgotten" requests it received and processed since May, resulting in the removal of tens of thousands of links on its websites.

A Google representative confirmed that the company had removed more than 50 percent of "right to be forgotten" requests it processed so far.

Google reportedly acquires Gamer Video Site Twitch.TV for $1 billion

Google reportedly acquires Gamer Video Site Twitch.TV for $1 billionWashington, July 25 : Google has reportedly acquired Gamer Video Site Twitch. TV for a whopping 1 billion dollars.

According to Deadline. com, if true, the deal would bring into the Google fold one of the biggest sources of online video traffic that isn't already Google's YouTube division, which is spearheading the deal.

European Regulators show their discontent with Google over 'Right to be Forgotten' ruling

Google-Right-to-be-forgottenWashington, July 25 : European regulators showed their dissatisfaction with Google's management of controversial ' right to be forgotten' ruling.

European court of Justice ruled in May that citizens had a right to ask search engines to have obsolete information about them removed.

Britain's information Commissioner, Cristopher Graham said he was expecting several requests.

Google makes millions out of processing people's personal information, said the Commissioner.

Google's customizable smartphone set to reach developers by month end

Google's customizable smartphone set to reach developers by month endWashington, July 16 : Google's Project Ara takes a big step towards retail market as the company announced that developers will begin receiving Project Ara hardware by the end of this month.

Google's Project Ara will allow users to build on to a basic structural framework to customize their phone with different modules to design a phone with the look, capability and price that they want, Abc News reported.

Google Plus to no longer ask for 'real' names following privacy concerns

Google Plus to no longer ask for 'real' names following privacy concernsWashington, July 16 : Google Plus has reportedly stopped asking people for their 'real names' after receiving complaints that the policies put users at risk.

The real-name policy, which was introduced with the launch of Google Plus, was designed to create a network that looked like Facebook.

Journalists and privacy advocates criticized the policy for exposing people who had valid reasons for wanting to use pseudonyms.

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