Mozilla Firefox replaces default Google search engine with Yahoo

mozilla firefoxWellington, Nov 20 : A report has said that Mozilla is replacing Google as the default search engine with Yahoo for users in the United States.

In a statement issued on Wednesday, Mozilla and Yahoo said that they had sealed a five-year partnership that will provide a "framework" for other possible integrations and deals, reported Stuff. co. nz.

The move follows tensions between Mozilla and Google with the search giant's Chrome browser stealing away Firefox 's market share for years. (ANI)

Apple, Google, Facebook flock together to curb NSA surveillance powers

Apple, Google, FacebookLondon, Nov 18 : A report has said that tech giants and internet companies are lobbying to curb United States National Security Agency surveillance powers and to demand greater transparency on government data requests.

The Reform Government Surveillance coalition, consisting of Facebook, Google, Twitter, Microsoft and Apple, has thrown its weight behind a bill which will restrain mass data collection from emails and internet metadata, reported The Guardian.

The bill will also allow tech companies to disclose the number and types of data demanded by the government.

Google India doodle marks Children's Day with Pune girl's colorful art

New Delhi, Nov 14 - Google doodle has featured a Pune child's artwork to celebrate Children's Day.

Google India had held the sixth edition of Doodle 4 Google competition, the theme being 'A place in India I wish to visit,' where the creation by Vaidehi Reddy from Pune, who portrayed the colourful and aesthetically rich state of Assam, emerged as a winner.

The day is celebrated on the occasion of first Prime Minister of India, Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru's birthday, who had utmost love and affection for children and was fondly called as Chacha Nehru by them.

The colorful doodle marks the late Prime Minister's125th birth anniversary. (ANI)

Meet the Google robot who can perform 'Karate Kid' kicks

Google robot Karate KidWashington, Nov 12 : A robot, owned by Google's Boston Dynamics, can mimic a pose from the movie 'Karate Kid,' it has been reported.

The robot, dubbed as Atlas, showed off its incredible moves in a video posted online, ABC News reported.

Standing in for Mr. Miyagi was the team at the Florida Institute for Human and Machine Cognition, which programmed Atlas to take on some of the famous moves the sensei taught 'Karate Kid' Daniel LaRusso.

Atlas balances on one foot atop cinder blocks and slowly raises and lowers its arms. The humanoid robot then brings the arms to its "hips" and full extends its leg.

Android exceeded Apple's U.S. smartphone market share by 10% in Q3

AndroidWashington, Nov 07 : Google's operating system Android that is still the dominant smartphone platform has exceeded Apple's U. S. smartphone market share by almost 10 percent in the third quarter, according to stats by research firm ComScore.

Android's U. S. smartphone market was 52.1 percent, up slightly from 51.9 percent for the prior three months, reported CNET.

While Apple's share dipped to 41.7 percent from 42.1 percent over the same period but its share may show growth in ComScore's next report.

Apple launched its iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus devices on September 19, so the new phones were not included in most of the three-month period revealed by ComScore.

New Disney Movies app brings rivals Apple, Google on same platform

Disney Movies app Washington, Nov 05 : A new deal signed by Disney has reportedly brought together arch-rivals, Apple and Google, who are now sharing content on their competing digital devices.

The newly launched Disney Movies Anywhere app allows users to burn through the firewall separating Apple and Google, reported the CNN.

A new partnership was forged between the Walt Disney Studios (DIS) and Google Play on Tuesday that will enable Android users to watch movies from Disney, Pixar and Marvel.

The app is already available on Apple's iTunes. (ANI)

Android co-founder Andy Rubin leaves Google to lead 'Incubator'

Andy-RubinWashington, Oct 31 : Google's Andy Rubin, the founder of the most widely used operating software Android, is leaving the search engine giant to lead a startup named Incubator.

Google CEO Larry Page thanked Rubin for his contributions saying that he wishes him all the best with what's next, with Android he created something truly remarkable-with a billion plus happy users.

The departure is potentially a blow to the company's ambitions in robotics, where Google has made large investments, including acquiring more than eight companies, including Boston Dynamics and Atlas, CNET reported.

Google Glass gets banned by MPAA and National Association of Theatre owners

Google GlassWashington, Oct 31 : Motion Picture Association of America and the National Association of Theatre Owners have banned wearable technologies, such as Google Glass.

According to the Hollywood Reporter, moviegoers must turn off and put away any and all such devices, or risk being asked to leave and if theater staff suspects that illegal recording is taking place, law enforcement authorities will be notified.

Officials with the MPAA and NATO approved the new rule during a meeting at ShowEast, the annual fall gathering of theater owners in Hollywood, Fla, while many theater owners already have a zero-tolerance policy against wearable devices, but on an individual basis. (ANI)

Google releases 'Google Fit' app for android to challenge Apple's 'Healthkit'

Google FitWashington, Oct 29 : Google's answer to Apple 's Healthkit has reportedly been launched today under the moniker " Google Fit" and is available for all android devices.

Google said that the app allows users to monitor their health goals and workout stats. It can also monitor walking, running and cycling when used as a standalone health tracker, reported The Verge.

Users can also set goals based on duration or the total number of steps involved and the app will keep one informed about the progress throughout each day. However, third-party fitness trackers and apps can also tap into Google's platform and input your health data.

YouTube considering paid subscription service to allow users to skip ads

youtubeWashington, Oct 29 : Google is reportedly considering a subscription service that would allow YouTube users to skip adverts that appear at the beginning of most of the videos on the site.

According to CNN, the move would drastically change the revenue model for the video giant, as majority of YouTube services are free and advertisements are its major source of income.

Speaking at a conference sponsored by the website ReCode, YouTube CEO Susan Wojcicki said that while YouTube is currently ad-supported, there's going to be a point where people wouldn't want to see the ads.

Google officially announces Android 5.0 Lollipop

Google Android 5.0 LollipopWashington, Oct 29 : Google has finally announced the latest version of its Android 5.0 operating system " Lollipop".

The new version includes the default encryption feature that will automatically encrypt users data, the Washington Times reports.

Google made the announcement in a blog post on Tuesday.

The update will be made available to users in November. (ANI)

Google CEO names Sundar Pichai as new head of products

Sundar PichaiWashington, Oct 25 : Google CEO Larry Page has reportedly transferred leadership of all cores Google products over to Sundar Pichai, who was formerly head of Android and Chrome OS.

Pichai will serve as Senior Vice President of all Google products and will manage a number of divisions, including business and operations, access and energy, Nest, Calico, Google X, corporate development, legal, finance, and business, which includes ad sales, PC World reported.

YouTube is not included in the deal because CEO Susan Wojcicki will continue to run that division somewhat independently.

Google revamps Gmail app, now supports Yahoo, Outlook

GoogleWashington, Oct 21 : Google has revamp ed its Gmail app for Android, and it will now support Yahoo, and Outlook accounts.

Gmail for Android has traditionally supported just Google's own mail service, but now the search giant wants to help Android users manage all of their mail from within its Gmail app, The Verge reported.

A leaked video demonstrates the new Gmail app, and Google notes within it that more than just Gmail, Yahoo, and Outlook. com accounts are supported.

It appears that Exchange ActiveSync is supported, as in the Android mail client, which could spell the end of switching between mail clients on Android for most users.

Google set to roll new update to fight most infamous pirate websites

GoogleWashington, Oct 18 - Search engine giant Google is reportedly set to roll out a new stricter update to fight against the most notorious pirate sites next week.

Google said that they have now refined the signal in ways that they expect to visibly affect the rankings of some of the most notorious sites.

It's also extending this system to demoting auto-complete predictions that return results with many Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA) demoted sites.

Google offers artificial personal assistant for users ready to give up personal info

Eric SchmidtWashington, Oct 17 : Tech giant Google has said that it can create an artificial personal assistant for users, if they agree to give up more and more of your personal information

Google's Chairman, Eric Schmidt said that technology like Google will guide people to better, smarter decisions.

He added that the evolution of Google is to go from you asking Google what to search for, to Google helping you anticipate, to make you smarter, and

Like any good personal assistant, Google needs to know everything about you. The search giant keeps track of what sites you visit, what you search, and who you email.

Google profits plunges 5 percent YOY, in Q3

Google profits plungesLondon, Oct 14 : Tech titan Google has reported profits of 2.8 billion dollars, for the third quarter, which is down by 5 percent year over year.

The search engine giant also missed analyst expectations for revenue, which increased by 20% to $16.52bn for the period, which was for the three months ending on 30 September 2014.

Google chief financial officer Patrick Pichette, in a statement accompanying the earnings statement, said that they continue to be excited about the growth in our advertising and emerging businesses, The BBC reported.

Google unveils set-top box, tablet, smartphone featuring Android Lollipop

Google unveils set-top box, tablet, smartphone featuring Android LollipopLondon, Oct 16 : Google has reportedly announced three new Nexus-branded devices, designed especially to showcase its new Operating Software called Android Lollipop .

The list comprises a set-top box for TVs, a tablet and a smartphone, reported the BBC.

Nexus 6, 9 may hit Indian market soon; Android 5 Lollipop launched

Nexus 6 exus 9San Francisco/New Delhi: Signalling the growing importance of the Indian sub-continent for the search giant, Google may unveil its latest devices -- Nexus 6 and Nexus 9 -- here as as early as November along with the US and other developed markets.

Google has announced the new devices a day ahead of rival Apple, which is hosting a conference on October 16. Reports suggest that the Cupertino-based firm could unveil its latest iPad.

The Nexus 6 smartphone has been developed by Motorola and will be available for pre-order in late October and in stores in November.

Google receives more than 144,000 'right to be forgotten' requests

GoogleWashington, Oct 11 - Google in its latest Transparency report revealed that it received more than 144,000 'right to be forgotten' request since the process began on May 29 in Europe.

Those requests themselves encompass 497,507 different webpages. Among the nearly 500,000 page links requested to be taken down, the company has so far removed 170,506 (41.8 percent) and declined to remove 237,561 (58.2 percent).

Android Lollipop may be Google's next Operating Software

Android Lollipop may be Google's next Operating SoftwareLondon, Sep 30 : After Jelly Bean, KitKat and an Ice Cream Sandwich , Google's next operating system is likely to be called Android Lollipop, a report said.

Google celebrated its 16th birthday by releasing an image with a cake full of lollies and a message that said, "Why do we put candles on cakes?"

The tech giant's next operating system has simply been codenamed Android L as of now. However, with the company's android names following the alphabet, lollipop might replace KitKat in the next version, reported The Daily Star.

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