Google developing online version of Monopoly

Google developing online version of MonopolyLondon, Sep 7 : Google will be working with giant toy company Hasbro to produce a spectacular online version of Monopoly, say reports.

The game uses Google Maps as a board, allowing players to choose from millions of streets worldwide in their bid to become virtual property tycoons.

The rules are almost the same as the traditional board game, where only one person can buy an address, and then build on the plot to earn extra rent and increase their fortune.

Swiss negotiate with Goggle over Street View

GoogleGeneva  - Google Inc met Wednesday with Swiss governmental officials in order to sort out privacy issues the company's Street View programme has raised in the Alpine land.

According to a statement from the Swiss Federal Commissioner for Data Protection and Information, Google representatives presented proposals for improvements to Street View, particularly in regards to issues like people's faces and license plates.

Sensitive sites in Switzerland, including international organizations in Geneva, can be seen on the service, but it blocks zooming in for close-up snapshots.

Top culture official hails Berlin challenge to Google

GoogleBerlin  - Germany's top culture official, who has fought the Google Books settlement, voiced satisfaction Wednesday that Berlin had filed a court challenge in New York to the book digitization project.

US search giant Google reached agreement this year with the US Authors Guild to offer internet scans of millions of out-of-print books, many of them so-called orphan works whose copyright owners are unfindable.

On Tuesday, lawyers engaged by Germany's Ministry of Justice filed an amicus-curiae brief in the New York court attacking the settlement, which is not yet final.

Google India to hold Doodle 4 Google competition

googleInternet search giant Google India has provided school children with an opportunity to create logo for Google India Homepage, under its competition - Doodle 4 Google. The theme of this completion is 'My India', and students are required to create doodle with very accurate and illustrative explanation of world India.

Students, desirous to participate in the competition, needs to register themselves online at www. google. co. in/doodle4google.

Google Earth’s Desi rival ‘Bhuvan’ hits Web

ISROIndian Space Research Organisation (ISRO) has introduced a Desi version of Google Earth, an application to take virtual tour of any location of the world trough high resolution images.

The new utility, dubbed as 'Bhuvan', has features similar to those of Google Earth; and displays pictures taken by ISRO's seven remote sensing satellites, including Cartosat-1 and Cartosat-2; and is capable of capturing pictures of objects as small as a car on a road.

Google admits tampering with Arunachal Pradesh boundary on Google Earth

GoogleStarting a fresh controversy, Google Inc, through its popular Google Earth program, has portrayed some parts of Indian hilly state Arunachal Pradesh under Chinese Geographical Regions in its satellite maps, at a time when crucial Sino-Indian talks are ongoing between two countries over border issues.

More Speed, More Features in new Google Chrome Beta

More Speed, More Features in new Google Chrome Beta Google is increasing the speed of the latest beta version of its Web browser and is also improving its popular features.

The latest beta version of its Chrome Web browser makes the internet surfing faster by 30 percent. It conducted tests against the V8 and SunSpider benchmarks before making these claims.

Google boss resigns from Apple board

Google boss resigns from Apple board San Francisco - Google Chief Executive Officer Eric Schmidt has resigned from the board of Apple because of potential conflicts of interest, Apple said in a statement Monday.

The move comes as the two companies increasingly find themselves competing in the same arena. Google's Android operating system powers phones that are a major rival to Apple's iPhone, while its Chrome browser and its plans for a Google operating system also compete with Apple's products. Schmidt has been with Google since
2001 and on Apple's board since August 2006.

Apple rejects Google Voice service for iPhone

APPLE-googleAccording to a recent statement by a Google spokeswoman, Apple Inc. has disallowed the distribution of Google's Internet telephony software - the mobile version of Google Voice - to the iPhones through the App Store.

However, Apple has not cited any reason for rejecting the hot new Google software, which provides users with many advantages - like making cheap international calls; consolidating several phone numbers under one voice mail account; and obtaining e-mailed transcripts of their voice messages. For further convenience, the users are assigned only one number for their different phone accounts - cell phone, landline or Internet.

Google Latitude becomes available as iPhone web app

Google Latitude becomes available as iPhone web appGoogle's friend-tracking feature, Latitude, which was released earlier this year and made available to Android phones last month, has Thursday onwards become available as an iPhone web app.

Google's location-based service (LBS) - which offers competition to Brightkite and Loopt - plots the pictures of the users' friends a Google map when they wish to share their location. As such, it allows users to add friends, view their location on a map, and send messages.

WSJ report: Yahoo confirms acquisition of Xoopit

Yahoo, Google According to The Wall Street Journal's (WSJ) Tuesday reports, web giant Yahoo has confirmed that it is in "final stage negotiations" pertaining to the acquisition of Xoopit - a San Francisco-based startup, whose original product was a Firefox add-on for Google's Gmail.

Though the financial terms of the acquisition deal remained undisclosed, the WSJ report put the price tag at nearly $20 million.

Google launches voice-powered search

Google launches voice-powered searchGoogle, the renowned name in the area of internet search, has introduced new concept to make search easier for mobile users. It has come up with voice-based search and map solutions to strengthen its application portfolio.

Users can get information regarding particular site, opening Google search page that shows top results of the category. The firm aims to capture large market share by providing the facility to low-cost GPRS handsets and offering cheaper data plans.

Google’s Q2 growth slower than Q1; mere 2.9% increase in revenue

Google The weak economy and the crash in advertising expenditure has taken its toll on the Google's profits in the second quarter too - the company's year-on-year profit increase by 19 percent to $1.48 billion, reflected the slowing growth of the Internet search giant.

The second-quarter revenue of the company increased merely 3 percent to $5.52 billion, which fell short of the average analysts' expectation of $5.49 billion. Moreover, the revenue figures even fell below the first-quarter growth of 6 percent, and were dramatically less than the same-quarter year-before growth of 39 percent.

Google India launches mobile voice search engine

Google India launches mobile voice search engineThe mobile voice search engine, custom-built by Google India has been launched by Google India, free for mobile services subscribers in India. However, the voice-based search engine services are currently limited to BlackBerry users. 

The mobile voice search engine is another big achievement of Google India on the mobile front. Earlier, Google India launched a SMS-based search engine services.

Google India’s mobile voice search engine is a Beta launch. It is only available on Blackberry. Presently, it reaches 400,000 people.

Google profit jumps 19 per cent

Google profit jumps 19 per centSan Francisco - Web search giant Google reported a 19-per- cent increase in profits as cost cutting made up for a decline in online ad spending due to the recession.

Profits rose 19 per cent to 1.48 billion dollars from 1.25 billion dollars a year ago. Revenue rose just 2.9 per cent, down from 6.2- per-cent growth in the first quarter. Excluding sales passed on to partner sites, second-quarter revenue rose to 4.07 billion dollars from 3.9 billion dollars.

"Google had a very good quarter, especially given the continued macro-economic downturn," chief executive Eric Schmidt said in a statement.(dpa)

Study shows plunge in US venture funding

NVCA president Mark HeesenSan Francisco  - The US venture capital industry raised only 1.7 billion dollars in the second quarter of 2009, less than 30 per cent of the 4.6 billion dollars raised during the previous quarter, according to an industry report Tuesday.

In the same quarter a year ago venture capital firms raised a total of 9.3 billion dollars.

The funding figure was the lowest for more than seven years, according to the National Venture Capital Association, while the number of new funds formed, 25, was the lowest for 13 years.

Google Street View extending coverage to off-road spots like Stonehenge

Pornographic results not to be served by Google in China  London, July 14 : Internet road mapping service Google Street View is now starting to cover areas like Stonehenge, which are far away from driving routes.

Rickshaw-style tricycles, carrying 3-D cameras, will be used to film several popular off-road spots, including Loch Ness and the Angel of the North, reports the Telegraph.

Street View allows web users to "walk" along streets, exploring 360-degree images recorded from eye level.

Google tops mobile search traffic: Opera report

Google tops mobile search traffic: Opera reportAccording to a recently released Mobile web report by web browser company, Opera, Search Engine Google has been ranked as the topmost company in the mobile search domain. Most of the Mobile users across the globe use Google for online search and gaming, thereby ensuring its leading place in the mobile search traffic. However, its rivals Yandex and Baidu claimed their top place in the mobile search in Russia and China.

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