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China Mobile's ex-vice president gets life sentence

Lu-XiangdongBeijing, Nov 22 : The former vice president of China Mobile, the country's largest telecom operator, was sentenced to life imprisonment for taking bribes, a court in China's Jilin province confirmed Friday.

Lu Xiangdong, 53, stood trial and received the sentence at the Intermediate People's Court of Jilin city last week, Xinhua reported.

Lu was found guilty of taking bribes totalling more than 25 million yuan (around $4.1 million) from 2003 to 2011 when he used his position to seek profits for others and accepted large amounts of bribes.

China Mobile profit up 1.1%

China Mobile profit up 1.1%China Mobile Ltd. has released its first quarter financial statements. It has been reported that the company has managed to register a profit for the quarter.

The profit has increased by 1.1% for this year as compared to the same quarter in the preceding year. China Mobile Ltd. is the largest phone carrier by subscriber all across the globe. Despite a strong competition, the company has posted a reasonable profit growth.

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