BlackBerry to acquire Good Technology

BlackBerry to acquire Good Technology

It has been reported by Canada's BlackBerry Ltd that it will acquire mobile software provider Good Technology Corp for $425 million. As per the company, the deal will increase its ability to assist corporate clients manage smartphones that run on different operating systems.

This deal could help the company bring new customers, when it comes to its services business, which is a priority with its focus shifting to device management software for enterprise customers.

Blackberry to Come Up With Bacteria-Free Smartphone

Blackberry to Come Up With Bacteria-Free Smartphone

It is known that blackberry is working on an Android-based smartphone, but the Canadian-firm has recently revealed that it is now making a bacteria-free smartphone that can be used in health-care industry.

BlackBerry CEO John Chen revealed company's plans, but added that BlackBerry is not making the smartphone as of yet.

The company's plans were disclosed during the announcement that BlackBerry is teaming-up with ThoughtWire and Cisco Systems to offer a portable messaging and alert system to doctors and nurses of the Mackenzie Richmond Hill Hospital BlackBerry units.

Blackberry beats Wall Street expectations

Blackberry beats Wall Street expectations

Blackberry has been facing downward spiral in its sales and many stock market experts have presented negative rating for the stock due to shrinking market share. This year, BlackBerry needs to achieve its target of $500 million in software revenue. However, the question is how this target will be achieved. After BlackBerry's fiscal first-quarter report Tuesday, concerns of investors increased even more.

The company crossed Wall Street's targets in every area with the exception of key software category. The company managed to earn $137 million for the quarter, whereas analysts were expecting it to be nearly $83 million.

IBM’s significant investments could prove harmful for future of BlackBerry's Operating System

IBM’s significant investments could prove harmful for future of BlackBerry's

Last year, BlackBerry made a healthcare-related investment that according to many was a great opportunity for the company to grow its user base. Unfortunately, BBRY was slow in action and IBM has been aggressive in the space.

As a result of IBM and AAPL's expanded partnership, and IBM's recent partnerships, it's likely that BBRY will not have much hope in the $20 billion healthcare analytics market.

BlackBerry is a company that has been trying to use health care for securing customers for its mobile operating system and to possibly drive hardware sales higher.

However, the bigger and more significant investments done by IBM can put a lot of struggle in that plan. This could prove harmful for the future of BlackBerry's operating system.

Blackberry in Collaboration with IBM and Samsung launches ‘Secutablet’

Blackberry in Collaboration with IBM and Samsung launches ‘Secutablet’

Secusmart, a Blackberry-owned company, has recently partnered with IBM and Samsung in order to create a new, secure tablet. The tablet, named Secutablet, is based on the Samsung galaxy 10.5 and runs on Samsung hardware, the firm revealed.

Secusmart further said that the additional security offered by the new tablet aims at businesses and governments. But it said that some less protected social media and video platforms can also be used on the device.

The Secutablet which is also compatible with Blackberry 10 is presently undergoing security certification at the German Federal Office for Information Security. Also, IBM's app wrapping technology has provided the new tablet with extra layers of security.

Blackberry set to release software update for older smartphones

Blackberry set to release software update for older smartphones

Washington, Feb 20 - Blackberry has announced that it will be soon releasing a software update - version 10.3.1 -for its older smartphones.

The update, which also contains bug fixes for latest models, will be essentially for products including the BlackBerry Z10, Z30, and Q10.

According to the Verge, for its QWERTY devices, BlackBerry is bringing over the extensive list of keyboard shortcuts that debuted on the Classic. 10.3.1 also brings the company's virtual assistant - BlackBerry's answer for Siri, Google Now, and Cortana - to prior BlackBerry 10 devices.

Users will be able to add reminders, compose emails, and set calendar appointments using only their voices.

Blackberry's shares drop as it denies talks with Samsung about buyout deal

blackberryWashington, Jan 15 - After Blackberry denied reports that suggested it had engaged in serious negotiations with Samsung about a possible buyout deal, its shares have dropped by 10.8 percent in post-market trading.

The company said in a statement that it had not engaged in any discussions with Samsung with respect to any possible offer to purchase BlackBerry, reported

Blackberry reports net loss of 148M dollars for third fiscal quarter

Blackberry reports net loss of 148M dollars for third fiscal quarterWashington, Dec 20 : Even as Blackberry's revenue continued to fall over the last three months, it managed to narrow down its losses in comparison to previous year.

According to PC World, revenue for the three months, BlackBerry's third fiscal quarter, fell to US 793 million dollars, compared to 916 million dollars in the preceding three months and 1.19 billion dollars a year earlier.

The company incurred a net loss of 148 million dollars for its third fiscal quarter against 207 million dollars in the second quarter.

Blackberry to offer 550 dollars to people who switch from iPhone to Passport model in U.S., Canada

blackberry passportLondon, Nov 26 : Blackberry will be offering up to 550 dollars to customers who would switch to its latest Passport model from iphones as the company fights to regains its lost glory.

According to the Independent, the 'Blackberry Trade Up' programme is only available in the United States and Canada.

The customers could get up to 400 dollars in cash and 150 dollar prepaid Visa card.

However, the amount paid for iphones would depend on their condition.

Blackberry's offer attempts to claw back some of the mobile market the company lost to Apple and Android hnandsets. (ANI)

BlackBerry set to launch 'classic' smartphone featuring new OS in Mid-Dec

BlackBerry ClassicLondon, November 16 : BlackBerry is on course to launch its "classic" handset that would feature latest version of its operating system and modern specifications.

Equipped with a 3.5 inch touch screen, BlackBerry classic would also feature 2GB ram, 8MP and 2MP front and rear camera. According to MobileSyrup, the company would be aiming for an official launch day of December 17th.

It has also been reported that the BlackBerry has started taking pre-orders for the device at a price of 450 dollars. (ANI)

BlackBerry chief John Chen rules out release of new devices in 2015

John ChenLondon, Nov 12 : BlackBerry chief John Chen says that the mobile company is unlikely to release any new devices in 2015.

Chen said that the company would focus on its current range of phone models to avoid incurring any more losses.

He said that with Blackberry's survival, the company would now start looking at growth, Daily Star reported

Chen maintained that Blackberry was in a "reasonably comfortable" position and went on to claim that its latest Passport phone has been a success, the report added. (ANI)

BlackBerry to acquire German security solutions firm

BlackBerry to acquire German security solutions firmNew Delhi - BlackBerry will acquire German security solutions firm Secusmart GmbH as part of its efforts to ramp up enterprise service offerings.

Secusmart provides high-security voice and data encryption and anti-eavesdropping solutions for government organisations, enterprises and telecommunications service providers in Germany as well as globally.

"BlackBerry Limited has entered into an agreement to acquire Secusmart GmbH," it said in a statement today.

BlackBerry cuts prices of QWERTY handsets

BlackBerryNew Delhi: Canadian handset maker Blackberry on Wednesday slashed prices of its QWERTY devices -- 9320, 9720 and Q5 -- by as much as Rs 6,000 to sell them for Rs 9,900 onwards.

The price of 9320 has been cut by 10 percent from Rs 11,000 to Rs 9,900, while 9720 will be available for Rs 11,990 (from Rs 15,990 earlier).

BlackBerry 9320 is the first 3G enabled device from the smartphone maker's portfolio in the sub-Rs 10,000 range.

The Q5 will now be available for Rs 13,990, cheaper by almost 30 percent from the earlier price of Rs 19,990.

BlackBerry appoints new COO to focus more on 'corporate users'

BlackBerry appoints new COO to focus more on 'corporate users'Washington, July 22 : BlackBerry announced Monday it has appointed Marty Beard as chief operating officer to focus on keeping its enterprise customers and attracting new corporate users, effective immediately.

Beard will oversee marketing, application development, customer care, and quality, all of which BlackBerry describes as cross-functional organizations.

BlackBerry to launch new smartphone with Siri like feature

BalckBerry-assistantWashington, July 17 : BlackBerry's forthcoming Passport smartphone will have Siri like voice-controlled virtual assistant called BalckBerry assistant.

This phone, which is expected to arrive this fall, will perform numerous functions found in other voice controlled assistants such as Siri of iOS and Google Now of Google Android. It can search email and calendar appointments as well as compose and send emails through voice commands, The Verge reported.

Blackberry stock plunges after Apple and IBM collaboration

BlackberryWashington, July 17 : Blackberry's stock dipped by almost 10 percent following announcement of Apple's collaboration with International Business Machines Corporation (IBM) to offer special iPads and iPhones to customers.

The partnership of Apple and IBM has raised many questions. Some analysts had asked whether Apple and IBM might take over Blackberry's already loose grip in the tech market.

This deal would result negatively for Blackberry as it tried to influence the business market, reports the Mashable.

BlackBerry launches Z3 smartphone in India

BlackBerryNew Delhi, June 25 : BlackBerry has launched their latest Z series smartphone, Z3, which will be available for pre-order starting today via selected e-commerce websites and BlackBerry stores, in New Delhi.

The phone, which is priced at Rs 15,990 in India, is among the first devices made by Foxconn for the company and sports a 5-inch qHD (540x960p) display with a 2500mAh battery.

Comprising of a 1.5 GB RAM, the phone runs on BlackBerry 10 OS version 10.2.1 and is powered by a 1.2GHz Qualcomm Snapdragon 400 (MSM8230) dual-core processor.

BlackBerry joins upgrade bandwagon; offer on Z30

BlackBerry-Z30New Delhi: After Samsung and Apple, Canadian handset maker BlackBerry has jumped on the upgrade bandwagon, offering consumers a discount of Rs 5,000 on its BB10-powered 'Z30' in exchange for their old smartphones.

Starting today, customers can now upgrade to Z30 for Rs 29,990 in exchange of an old working smartphone (a minimum cash back of Rs 5,000) under the upgrade offer valid for a limited period of 60 days, BlackBerry said.

Samsung and Apple already have similar offers on their flagship Galaxy and iPhone ranges.

BlackBerry CEO ups company's survival chances from 50 to 80 percent

John ChenWashington, May 29 : BlackBerry Chief Executive Officer (CEO) John Chen has reportedly upped his company's chances for survival saying that he gives it an 80 percent chance for success, which is higher than his previous estimate of a 50-50 chance of success.

Chen, who was speaking at Recode's Code Conference in Rancho Palos Verdes in California, said that BlackBerry has problems, but the company is not dead, adding that he is confident that they would be able to save the patient.

T-Mobile offers BlackBerry subscribers $100 credit towards new devices

T-MobileT-Mobile CEO John Legere has announced a $100 credit for BlackBerry subscribers if they switch to any other device available on the airwaves of the network provider.

The $100 credit provides BlackBerry subscribers with a rare chance to give a try to other smartphones or platforms. The can also utilize the money to obtain a Q10 or a Z10 handset. But, those who want to upgrade to a new BlackBerry handset will have to decide soon as BlackBerry is going to end its business ties with T-Mobile.

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