Apple shares drop by 9 percent despite flat profits of 13.1 billion in Q1

Apple shares drop by 9 percent despite flat profits of 13.1 billion in Q1London, Jan 28 : Following reports of Apple making flat profits of 13.1 billion dollars during October to January quarter , the company's shares reportedly plummeted to 9 per cent in after- hours trading.

Analysts expressed their disappointment at the company's sale record while investors were left in a lurch after the firm lowered its sales outlook for 2014.

Meanwhile, Apple said that the company had sold a record 51 million iPhones and 26 million iPads.

Apple records $57.6 billion revenues in the previous year

AppleTechnology giant, Apple has said that it has recorded revenue of $57.6 billion during the previous year as it sold a high number of iPhones around the world.

The company said that it sold 51 million iPhones during the year and launched a host of new editions of the iPhone and iPads. The company said that it recorded first quarter profits of $13.1 billion around the world. The higher profits revived the company's falling revenues and record revenue figures.

iPhones with larger displays set to hit markets soon

Apple-iphoneWashington, Jan 24 : Apple is reportedly planning to launch a pair of new iPhones with larger displays this year.

The development of the larger iPhones is rumored to be in the initial stage, though reports suggest that the plan is yet to be finalized.

According to Verge, both the models, one over 4.5 inches diagonally and one over 5 inches diagonally, would be available in metal bodies, but will not feature curved displays .

Apple is also planning to stop manufacturing phones with plastic bodies and may include additional features in one of its bigger awaited models. (ANI)

Apple to launch updated iOS based 'TV set-top box' in first half of 2014

Apple-TV-set-top-boxWashington, Jan 24 : Apple is reportedly planning to release an updated version of its TV set-top box in first half of 2014 with revamped operating system based more closely on iOS.

According to a report by 9to5Mac, the product is already into testing, and is expected to include a version of the App Store to house content from third-party developers, Cnet reports.

However, it might come as a disappointment for those hoping the company would finally come out with an actual Apple TV set

Apple wins keyboard infringement claim against Samsung

Apple SamsungWashington, Jan. 23  : Apple has reportedly won a patent claim against Samsung, after a US Judge ruled that the South Korean electronics giant infringed on keyboard patents owned by the tech giant.

Judge Lucy Koh, who has been heading the ongoing patent battle between the two tech giants, ruled that Samsung violated Apple's 'autocorrect' patent by using it in its keyboard on Galaxy Nexus, Note and other older devices.

According to The Verge, the 'autocorrect' patent covers Android's system of displaying both what the user is typing and what the system thinks they intend to type.

Apple sends out Iphone survey seeking customer feedback

Apple sends out Iphone survey seeking customer feedbackWashington, Jan 22 : Apple is reportedly sending out iPhone survey forms to get feedback from customers who have recently bought iPhone.

Apple claimed that the surveys were being conducted ever since the launch of first iPhone and only the nature of the questions has been changed keeping in mind each generation, Tech Crunch reported.

The survey questionnaire includes questions asking customers to specify features that interested the customers to buy iPhone 5 and likewise.

Analysts estimate Apple broke 55.3mn sales record with iPhone 5S, 5C

Analysts estimate Apple broke 55.3mn sales record with iPhone 5S, 5CWashington, Jan 21 : Apple, with its latest iPhone 5S and 5C models, reportedly broke sales record of 50 million units in the last quarter, market analysts have estimated.

The tech giant is expected to release its fourth quarter results in the coming week but analysts have already estimated the sales to be around 55.3 million units of the latest versions of Apple's flagship product.

Mac Pro back in Europe post regulatory ban

Mac Pro back in Europe post regulatory banWashington, Jan 14 : The Mac Pro, which was discontinued in Europe following the issuance of regulation relating to unprotected fans, has reportedly resolved the issue.

Online apple stores across Europe are expecting shipment of Mac Pro in February, Verge reported.

Meanwhile, Mac Generation, a French site for Apple has published an order notification listing January14th as the shipping day(ANI)

Apple acquires SnappyCam photo app firm

SnappyCamApple Inc, the Cupertino-based tech giant best-known for its iPhones and iPads, has reportedly acquired SnappyLabs and its photography app SnappyCam.

Created by San Francisco-based Australian John Papandriopoulos, SnappyCam app allows iPhone 5 users to capture 8-megapixel quality shots at twenty pictures per second.

Available for $1, SnappyCam also allows users to modify the way the built-in camera captures photos and how rapidly the photos are taken. It is best known for a feature that lets a smartphone's camera to capturing taking photos in quick succession as long as the user keeps the on-screen shutter-button depressed.

Apple boasts Mac Pro’s energy, material efficiency in environmental report

Apple boasts Mac Pro’s energy, material efficiency in environmental reportCupertino, California-based tech giant Apple Inc's latest environmental report for its new Mac Pro computer boats some fairly large savings on energy as well as raw materials.

According to the newly published report, the company has highly made use of aluminum and copper to build the new Mac Pro machine. It may be noted here that aluminum and copper are two of the most-desired metals by recyclers. Compared to the old Mac Pro computer, the new machine consumes 74 per cent less steel.

Top 2013 app downloads for Windows and Mac revealed!

Avast-Free-AntiviruWashington, Jan 1 : 2013 ended with a lot of tech talk around Apple's iPhones, Microsoft Surface, battle between PSP 4 and Xbox One, wearable computing and Google Glass, and the ever-alive war of what's better between Android and iOS.

With all the buzz around going mobile the last year, Cnet has revealed a list of top ten app downloads of 2013 for Windows and Mac.

It was found that users downloaded more than 700 million apps in 2013 from Download. com, which mostly included anti-virus and media management apps.

Apple hires NYT Magazine design chief Arem Duplessis as creative director

Arem-DuplessisWashington, Dec 31 : Apple has reportedly hired the design director of The New York Times Magazine to head the tech giant's creative department.

Arem Duplessis, who had been behind the magazine's covers for almost a decade, is set to join Apple as a creative director .

According to Cnet, Duplessis would join the ranks of several other prominent media types, including Katie Couric and David Pogue who both joined Yahoo, to recently head to the tech industry.

Although Duplessis' exact nature of role isn't clear yet, but he is expected to join the company's internal marketing team. (ANI)

Apple CEO Tim Cook gets paltry pay increase in 2013

Apple CEO Tim Cook gets paltry pay increase in 2013Apple Inc Chief Executive Tim Cook's pay package remained roughly the same in 2013 as in 2012, a recent regulatory filing submitted to the Securities & Exchange Commission (SEC) by the iPhone/iPad-maker revealed.

Mr. Cook pocketed $4.25 million in pay and perks in 2013. The package included a base salary of $1.4 million, a bonus of $2.8 million, and a compensation of $52,721 that the company contributed to life insurance premium, holiday cash-out etc.

A glance at some of most influential gadgets of 2013

A glance at some of most influential gadgets of 2013Gadgets industry enjoyed an unprecedented growth in the year 2013, thanks to the launch of hundreds of new gadgets by several tech giants like Apple, Google, and Microsoft.  As the current year is all set to conclude, let's have a look at some of the top most influential gadgets of the year.

Apple working on 12.9-inch iPad for 2014

Apple-large-screened-iPadWashington, Dec 24 : Tech giant Apple is reportedly speculated to be working on a large-screened iPad for the upcoming year.

Sources from Apple's Asia supply chain, Digitimes said that the company might be underway to release a 12.9-inch iPad sometime in October 2014.

According to Mashable, Digitimes' source has also pointed that the rumoured tablet will be manufactured by Taiwan-based PC manufacturer Quanta Computer

Earlier speculations have hinted to an iPhone with a larger screen and an Apple-branded smart television .

Apple CEO hints at 'big plans' for 2014

Tim CookWashington, Dec. 24 : Apple CEO Tim Cook has reportedly hinted to 'big plans' for the coming year in a holiday email to employees.

Cook wrote that the company has a lot to look forward to in 2014, including some big plans that the customers are going to love.

According to Fox News, the CEO did not elaborate about the big plans, but recent speculations point to the company's prospective projects for next year, including bigger iPhone models, a 12.9-inch iPad, a rumored smartwatch and even an Apple TV set.

iPhone 5 is UAE's most popular smartphone

iPhone 5 is UAE's most popular smartphoneAbu Dhabi, Dec 21 : Apple's iphone 5 is the most commonly used smartphone in the UAE, the Telecommunications Regulatory Authority has said.

The authority has released a report on the UAE's most popular mobile phone handsets, social networking platforms and application websites.

Between July 1 and Sep 30, 46 percent of handsets registered in UAE were smartphones.

In terms of smartphone models, the iPhone 5 was the most commonly used smartphone in the UAE, with 2.8 percent of such handsets registered on UAE networks.

Roku 3 versus Apple TV

Roku 3 versus Apple TVRoku 3 and Apple TV are two of the most popular streaming video devices. Giving these devices to friendly and family members as Christmas gifts will definitely not a bad idea. Let's have a look at both of these devices to make a selection easier.

The latest version of Roku, the Roku 3, is available for $100. It works all major video services with the exception of Apple's iTunes.

Apple starts accepting orders for its all-new Mac Pro

Apple starts accepting orders for its all-new Mac ProApple Inc. on Thursday, Dec. 19, officially announced the availability of its all-new Mac Pro. While the new PC, which has been redesigned from the inside out, can be ordered now, but the shipping will started only by December 30.

The new Apple Mac Pro boasts the latest Intel Xeon processors, PCIe-based flash storage, ultra-fast ECC memory, dual workstation-class GPUs, and PCIe-based flash storage.

Apple issues firmware update for latest Mac Pro

mac-proWashington, Dec 20 : Apple has reportedly issued an EFI firmware update for the recently launched Mac Pro, fixing some hardware bugs that were identified since its release.

The latest Mac Pro hit the stores on Thursday and the tech giant found some initial hardware bugs and the update aims to improve the system's reliability during boot.

According to Cnet, the EFI firmware update addresses a problem with the built-in memory self-test that occurs on startup and also improves graphics power handling when using Windows in Boot Camp.

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