Apple updates professional media tools – Final Cut Studio and Logic Studio

Apple updates professional media tools – Final Cut Studio and Logic Studio On Thursday, July 23, Apple released significant upgrades for the new versions of its film editing and audio design tools - Final Cut Studio and Logic Studio - thereby emphasizing the company's focus on its professional media tools lineup.
The new release for Apple's video editing tool Final Cut Studio would have a streamlined exporting ability to allow users to port their clips to YouTube, iPhone, iPod, MobileMe, Apple TV, DVD or Blu-ray.

The Apple-Bluwiki lawsuit: Apple withdraws legal threats against Bluwiki

appleAnnouncing the latest development regarding the Apple-Bluwiki lawsuit, Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF), Bluwiki's legal representation, said on Wednesday that Apple has withdrawn its legal threats about certain content that supposedly covered iTunes database exploration by the public wiki hosting site.

The threats sent last year pertained to the anonymously authored pages on the free and open Bluwiki site, whereby users explained the process of syncing media with iPods and iPhones without the use of Apple's iTunes software.

Apple’s iPod Touch to come with camera & microphone: soure

AppleRumors are flying high that Apple's much awaited iPod Touch will be equipped with Camera and Microphone.

An intimate source informed that Apple's manufacturing partners have already started producing iPod Touch models equipped with cameras as well as microphones.

Apple's iPod Touch with integrated camera and microphone is expected to hit the market in the coming two or three months.

Apple's iPod Touch, which is expected to be embedded with voice-over-IP facilities, will also have the ability to catch videos and images and understand voice commands.

Apple confirm death of iPhone worker at Foxconn in China

APPLEApple has confirmed the death of a Chinese worker named Sun Danyong, who was supposedly roughed-up by company security services for allegedly stealing a model of the popular 4G Apple mobile phone earlier this month.

Sun Danyong, 25, was employed by Foxconn, manufacturer of Apple's iPods and iPhone in China.

Reports suggest that Sun Danyong received sixteen of the prototypes but after a few days he found one of them missing. He reported the incident to his superiors, who allegedly maltreated him during investigation.

Sun Danyong hugged his death by jumping from a 12-story building.

Surge in demand for Apple’s iPhone 3GS leads to shortage in supply!

Surge in demand for Apple’s iPhone 3GS leads to shortage in supply!Apple’s last-month released iPhone 3GS has hit the markets, of the 18 countries where it is currently available, with a bang – what with the supplies of the new smartphone already falling short of the unexpectedly high demand!

The current demand-supply imbalance of the new iPhone 3GS would need to be addressed soon, more so with Apple intending to launch the smartphone in almost 80 more countries this summer.

Apple to announce 3rd quarterly results on July 21

APPLEApple is going to announce the financial results of its third fiscal quarter of 2009 in a conference call on Tuesday, July 21.

Apple's Mac, iPod and iPhone sales are also expected to be announced at the conference call.

Apple, which has scored 34.8 percent of gross margins in last two years, has updated its mobile operating system and introduced the iPhone 3Gs.

However, earlier in April, Apple made analysts to hope results no-better-than 33 percent for third quarter and 30 percent for the fourth quarter.

Apple’s new policy withholds promo codes for 17+ iPhone apps

appleApple's new policy pertaining to promotional copies of iPhone applications rated 17+ has caused disquieting ripples in the developers' world - with the contentious move implying that instead of allotting all developers 50 free copies to distribute, Apple will now withhold promo copies to those who have a 17+ rating!

Apple blocks Palm Pre from iTunes

Apple blocks Palm Pre from iTunes San Francisco - Apple has blocked users of the Palm Pre mobile phone from accessing iTunes, preserving the world's dominant music software as the exclusive domain of its own iPhone.

When Palm launched the Pre in early June it touted the device's ability to sync music, photos and videos with a PC or Mac via iTunes - the only non-Apple mobile device able to do this.

Apple sells over 1 million new iPhones

Apple sells over 1 million new iPhones San Francisco - Apple sold over 1 million iPhone 3GS devices on the gadget's debut weekend in the US, the company said Monday.

The sales figure was roughly double the estimates put out by analysts and equaled the sales of the previous model, the iPhone 3G, which went on sale a week ago.

The announcement of the sales figures also included a quote from Apple CEO Steve Jobs - his first since he took a six months medical leave in January.

It cam two days after reports that he had undergone a liver transplant.

Apple authorizes Airtel to ‘unlock’ and unleash its 3G iPhones in India

Apple authorizes Airtel to ‘unlock’ and unleash its 3G iPhones in IndiaThe leading mobile operator in India, Bharti Airtel has been authorized by Apple to ‘unlock’ and unleash its 3G iPhones in India. Apple has authorized Bharti Airtel to sell 3G iPhones, through its stores, openly to all, not exclusively to Airtel subscribers.

Apple's new iPhone sells out before launch

Apple's new iPhone sells out before launch San Francisco  - Apple's latest edition of the iPhone is matching the popularity of its predecessors.

The company, and its exclusive US carrier, AT&T, said Monday that pre-orders of the phone had sold out, and that customers could face a wait of a week or two after launch day on Friday to get their coveted gizmos.

Limited Black Friday price cuts offered by Apple

AppleDespite rumours about deeper price cuts, the consumers were offered discounts on Mac computers, iPods and accessories at levels similar to years past through the Apple Inc's much-anticipated Black Friday event.

The consumer excitement was stroked by Apple announcing a one-day Black Friday 'shopping event.' However, no further details were disclosed by the company. The prices were cut on certain items by approximately 5 to 10 percent. Where a discount of $21 was being given on an iPods, which was being sold for $378; a 13-inch MacBook was being offered for $1,200, a discount of $100. However, the very popular iPhone was not on sale.

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