Chromecast might support HBO Go, Pandora, Songza, Vimeo

Chromecast might support HBO Go, Pandora, Songza, VimeoAccording to some reports, Google's new Chromecast might offer content form HBO Go, Pandora, Songza, Vimeo expand from its current offering of Google Play, Netflix, YouTube or a Chrome tab.

Internet giant, Google has announced the launch of its new Chromecast, which is a low-cost TV dongle to compete with rival Apple TV. The device has been well received by the customers and is being sold out on Amazon, Best Buy and Google Play even as it is currently offering only limited content to the suers. The competitive price point has helped the company attract more customers into the market.

The new Chromecast can be attached to a television's HDMI port and it allows users to stream media from various devices including smartphones, tablets and computers. Google will launch the device in the US market priced at $35 and the company has not announced plans for its global launch of the device yet.

Google TV enthusiast web-portal, GTVHacker has been able to exploit vulnerabilities in the Google's new Chromecast. The group exploited bugs in the device on the first day of its release and modified the system and activate shell access "to better investigate the environment as well as give developers a chance to build and test software on their Chromecasts."