Canadian resort’s special feature – a swim with polar bears!

London, June 17 : Swimming under water with turtles and dolphins is now passe, for a resort in Ontario, Canada will let you swim with the largest predator on land - the polar bear.

It may sound a little frightening, but at the Polar Bear Habitat and Heritage Village near Ontario, Canada, humans and polar bears can now swim side by side separated by a three-inch thick sheet of toughened glass which rises 8ft over the pool water level.

Currently the centre, which rehabilitates polar bears from zoos and circuses, is home for four of the mighty creatures: Nanook, 27-year old-male, 7-year-old twins Aurora and Nakita, and Bisitek, a 28-year-old female.

“Swimming with the bears is unique as far as we know and an amazing success. Initially the bears are curious and come close to the glass to get a better look at the humans, but they take it very much in their stride,” the Sun quoted project conservation director Patricia Morin, 24, as saying.

And it seems that these polar bears examine people with a mixture of amusement and disdain.

“It’s a unique and incredible experience. Our old bear, Bisitek, loves to swim or just stand and watch for hours. She isn’t hunting – just curious. Sometimes she jumps at the window which really scares the kids, but as far as she’s concerned it’s just play,” said Patricia.

But, she confessed that the situation would have been dangerous if it wasn’t for the glass that separates humans from the bears.

“For sure the humans would be eaten, but that will never happen,” she said. (ANI)